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Making Cannabutter with fresh bud??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by sko0bydo0, May 17, 2010.

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    So Im actually in the process of making some cannabutter now. I used 100 grams of fresh, uncured silverhaze popcorn bud and trim with 2 cups of butter (2 long sticks of butter.) I threw in 3 grams of cured white rhino just for the heck of it....... There seems to be debate everywhere else about using fresh bud and trim. I guess Ill know soon enough. Im guessing if the 100g were dried it would weigh about 30 grams. Does that sound right? I have let the water/butter mixture simmer for about 8 hrs now stirring occasionally. So its almost straining and cooling time. Just wondering who here has used fresh bud/trim to make cannabutter and how much fresh weight you used and with how much butter? Most recipes ive found use dry weight to butter ratio so I have no clue at the moment if Im making killer butter or weak sh*t..... What u think?


    p.s. was 1 lb of butter
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    Update, Made some brownies and cookies and they were total space cakes....:hello: Total Success
    Just 1 brownie and I felt as though I had the whole batch. Very Nice!!!!
  3. You ground the bud right?
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    Oh yeah, put it all in a blender and liquified w/some water before slow cooking the butter/liquid mixture for about 8 hours. I was very surprised of the out come. Quite possibly the strongest brownie I ever had. I would def. recommend this method if you have a lot of fresh trim and popcorn buds and would like do do something useful with it. Actually got requests from many to make some more which I did last night. Baking as we speak. Of course results will vary depending on potency of the trim/bud. Im mainly putting this info out because Before my last batch I googled everywhere and couldnt find a good recipe for using fresh trim/bud. Filtered with very Fine screen to get all the plant matter out. And a cheese cloth to squeeze the plant matter as there is still a lot of product left in there. Let it Cool a bit first before squeezing.....
  5. Oh, Heres a pic...

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  6. i'd imagine it would've been more potent had you cured it first, but no doubt its still some potent butter
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    Quite possibly, This second batch of butter was equally if not more potent using the same method. I think I lost a day there with that last brownie. lol If you dont want that real strong body high I def. Wouldnt use this method. :D

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