making cake w/ 60lbs bricks of mid

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by VapeLifeAlex, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. So I feel like I don't get smashed from vaping as i used to. For me it was 3 bowls with a friend and i was getting any higher.
    But ive done the equivalent of two people for just me (1 n a half bowls) so i smoked(vaped, agh) 2 fully packed bowls and i was def high. But i wasnt sure if i cont. to vape would i get higher or just reach my THC stop sign.
  2. What about the cake? 
  3. That title was meant to grab the attention of users as to lure them in into reading my OP and getting some insight on my dilemma.

    But when i typed, "making cake" that was slang for making money.
  4. Oh dank memes, thx for the my morning, "lol".
  5. so, you're telling me there's no cake?...
  6. No man, no cake.
    Just bait n switch around these parts now SCRAM!
  7. Ok first turn brick mids in to butter then make cake. You should make sure to make different varieties of cake. No one wants 20 chocolate cakes... oh wait fuck you op with your misleading title. I hope you rot in hell.
  8. IK man, and come on, this is a serious question.
    Forget the cake.
    Its just slang.
    What do you think i should try?
    Re read my op.
  9. Try 350 degrees. Make sure the cake is done though before you take it out
  10. Chocolate, jokes on you op, everyone keep talking about cakeSent from my HTC One X using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. The cake is a lie?
    Try vaping at a higher temperature
  13. Forget the cake, watch this guy catch a baseball instead!
  14. Hm, ql
    All thats ever done for me is give me a better body high but thanks.
    Ill make surenits nice n brown next time.
  15. 2 sticks of butter ought a handle 60lbs Sent from my Galaxy Note II. I know you bitchez be jealous.
  16. I like cake!  Chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon cake. 
  17. hmm youre going to have to break it up into batches to make butter unlesssss you have a bigass pot haha, but for 60# of mids thats also a lot of butter...idk i actually would think of making a shit load of green dragon, water hash, and 10-15# for edibles. just an idea though, seems like you got everything under control.
  18. I can bring the frosting.

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