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making bud better by storing it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IgotClientele, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. whats going on? i figured i would post this on here to get a more knowlegdeable reponse. but say, when you have some shitty mids and you know that it wasnt taken care of properly, like wasnt't dryed to good or it wasn't cured all that will. do you think by storing it in a mason jar for a week or however long would to anything to benifit the bud? like make the aroma better, or more cyrstals perhaps, or even more thc content?
  2. Yes, if you cure it properly it will help the bud a lot and you'll have a much tastier, smoother smoke. Just keep it in an airtight glass jar for 1-2 weeks, opening once every couple days to let some fresh air in.
  3. hell yeah, i heard some kid say that. but i didnt know if it really worked or if it was a placebo effect
  4. I've done this before with my buds, and definately noticed a more potent smell coming from them. I think that trichromes also come to the surface of the nugs when cured this way in a jar, Correct me if i'm wrong?
  5. i wanted to cure a few nuggs of dank, so i put them in a medicine bottle under my bed in my backpack...nice and dark and cool. i did this a couple weeks ago and smoked it up in a blunt tonight.

    i was pleased, the bud was easy as hell to grind, even easier to roll, and even better to smoke. im gonna do this again for sure

  6. yep, that's what happens, and it's just all the moisture slowly being drawn from the bud, if you cure it for a long time, you'll find it'll way less, but be danker...:hello:
  7. Are you sure it was air tight? Chances are if it was easier to roll, the medicine bottle usually leaks a little air drying the bud, making it particularly simple to break up for rolling. A mason jar is the best solution.
  8. I saw Elivs at burger king last night to :cool:

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