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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by pitbull420, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Ok well I picked up some bubble bags a few months back and have already made to batches of some kick ass hash with em. Now with both batches I allowed the leaf and small buds to dry before I froze them and started the proccess. Ok so I've been doing a bit of research and have noticed a lot of people saying you don't have to dry the leaf first? Just stick it in the freezer for a few hours and get started. So My question is if not allowed to dry will this effect the end product in any way? Yield or potency? Off 6 plants last harvest I was able to pull 19.5 grams of some killer hash. This time around I have 12 plants and was hoping to double it. Should I allow the leaf to dry or just get started right after harvest?
  2. It shouldn't affect it in either way.
  3. Pitbull: I was just thinking about picking up some bubblebags for a recent harvest. Do you have a quick how to I could follow for some of that "killer hash"? :smoke:

  4. When making hash you want to get into the freezer ASAP and you can increAse your yield some. Atlas it worked for me I got a 1/3 more if you makin oils or butter or anything like that you to. E dry as possible.
  5. Dry bud going into bubble hash processing will yield lower quality than wet bud. Yield goes up, but that's because tiny plant particles get stuck with the kief.

    The colder your bud, the higher your yield. Same goes for the water.

    Because you are using water as a medium to filter impurities, chlorophyl doesn't matter - as such I recommend freezing the WET plant material. Because its wet its a lot more brittle after freezing

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