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making bho for the first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankdopeweed, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. so im about to make bho with some bud-lets and trimming for my first time and i had a few questions .. first off ive read countless people saying they use brown coffee filters as a screen or filter for their tube and i want to know if thats solid and why people wouldnt buy say a certain size micron screen or sum shit ..
    ive made simple ice water hash before and ran my tric water threw a coffee filter and the trics collect on it, but for bho the trics will flow rite threw the coffee filter?? i dont get that and i was wondering if there was more of a clean collective way .. i read somewhere a coffee filter was like 20microns and i know for deciding what micron size ur gunna use for bubblehash depends on what kinda strain your working with and the size of its trics rite?
    does the pressure of the butane can like squeese the trics threw the filter or what .. i want to loose as little as possible odviously .. im just tryna get the science of the butane method as best i can before i purchase anything and do it..
    thank you hope someone will be willing to help! :)
  2. The BHO turns the trichomes into liquid form, and they pass right through the coffee filter. I think a lot of people use the brown filters cause they usually dont have any dyes or anything in them
  3. you have to refine the butane out of it once its in oil form also .
  4. Inepsa - thanks man, that makes it make more sence to me
    pod-racer - yea isnt that purging?
  5. You'll get a lot of info from YouTube. Your actually dissolving the trichs into your solvent ( the butane) and then getting rid of the butane at the other end so the filter can be as fine as you can get liquid through. I use 2 coffe filters folded over.
  6. Should be a great learning experience however you should be very careful. I use two coffee filters just like fairmaster stated above. Butane is highly flammable. Do not do it inside it is wayy to dangerous. Enjoy your BHO!!
  7. [quote name='"dankdopeweed"']Inepsa - thanks man, that makes it make more sence to me
    pod-racer - yea isnt that purging?[/quote]

    Purging is removing the butane from your filtered product.
    Butane is boiling at -0.5 degrees c. So it's turning back to a gass the whole time it's out of the can this is why you use warm water under your dish to speed this up. Even after it seems all the visible butane has bubbled out you will still need to either vacume purge it or whip it out.
    It's the same processes as adding salt to water and removing it but with different temps and products. Salt > dissolve in water , boil off water= salt.
    Sorry for rambling hope this helps
  8. alrite thanks guys you've cleared up my confusion on the subject. im bouta make up some bomb BHO now, sweet

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