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making bhang?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekiller, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I just mixed some chemmy bud in some milk and will filter the weed after it cooks for a while. Is drinking weed safer than smoking it if the fertilizer was radioactive?

  2. fuck you're fucking smoking fuckin radioactive fucking weed???
    what the fuck?

  3. why do you think the fert was radio active? no respectful grower would ever abuse their plants by using radioactive ferts.
  4. .... Wha?
  5. i heard a popping sound when I smoked it and it doesn't taste very good. this bhang tastes good though, i''l let you know in a few... the herb has a few visible trichomes and looks like it wasn't properly cured...
  6. it was seedless, smoking out of a joint and didn't taste of smell very good. its looks ok, not headies but maybe like in between kb and dro or just what people would call dro. it sucks compared to what I am used to...
  7. Smoked radioactive buds?
    im no doctor but i suggest u see one... imeadiatly.
  8. they arent radioactive... some weed will just pop a little if you hit it too hard, especially if you dropped a stem or seed in there.

    At the topic, weed in milk is awesome.. put your weed in a tea ball, let it get warm, but not boiled, but hot enough to get the thc out, and after about 10 minutes to steep, put some cinnamon in and enjoy!
  9. I read that a lot of bud is grown with toxic fertilizer. the question is would drinking it be safer?

  10. can you explain how this works chemically?..

    because "hot enough to get the thc out" doesnt make sense lol..

    like.. butter and alcohol works because the alcohol strips the thc off the plant, and thc binds to the fat/oil in the butter

    but how would it work with millk?
  11. milk has fat but you are supposed to adf some ghee which is strained melted butter
  12. yeah thc is fat soluble. Im pretty sure the thc binds to the fats. Just use like organic whole milk to be sure, and hell.. if you want, throw a shot of captain mo's in there.
  13. Bhang is weed that has been ground down into a paste/or powder which is then ingested. It's traditionally made into Bhang Lassis, which is a yogurt based drink.

    I'm confused about the radioactive weed part though... :confused:
  14. hey OP, lay off the meth man..
    your weed is not radioactive.. and it sounds like a seed, which make it taste and smell like shit and POPS
  15. Just make some weed butter, and use it in place of regular butter. There are many guides over the internet... i know you said not to tell you this but "weed butter guide" on google will probably give you a decent one on the 1st pick on the page...

    but i'll outline it for you

    get butter (1 stick)
    get water (approx 1.5 times the volume of butter)
    get about 1/2 to an Oz of mids or shake/stems

    bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. light boil, not evaporating too much. add the butter, which will melt. add the weed. let it cook, and periodically stir and add water. make sure there is always water in the mixture. after about 1-2 hours, put it in the fridge. after it hardens, the butter will be at the top and the water+weed plant matter will be on the bottom. harvest the butter and enjoy!

    for brownies, just use the weed butter like regular butter.

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