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Making an edible for my dad- going into surgery tomorrow

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Aracratz, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, so I have a really important question to ask you guys.

    What would be the best pain-relieving single-serving edible out there? I see a bunch of recipes for weednutbutter and firecrackers and whatnot, but no real info on the pain-relieving benefits of it.

    Anyway, he's having various ligaments in his knee replaced (he's a pro tennis player) and he's allergic to opium-based painkillers. He wants me to make him something to help alongside NSAID pain relievers. What edible would be best for relieving his pain? I suppose that would be a high CBD/N concentration?

    Never gone into the scientifics of weed chemistry/ edible making. Please help.

  2. Anything, but a firecracker. Weed tea, brownies, or even Ramen would be fine.
  3. Hit the bong
  4. hash oil candies when made right are really good one serving edibles.
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    Try to find the strongest Indica.Hash brownies would be good.Even a better answered is hash oil.
  6. man, surgery with only NSAIDS

    sad fucking day.

    your pops deserves a serious hash edible for this. you cant make it to potent. give him any single serving recipe, but use about 2 grams of hash for his does, imo.
  7. [quote name='"Dreadlocker"']man, surgery with only NSAIDS

    but use about 2 grams of hash for his does, imo.[/quote]

    dont want him throwing up on the operating table though.

    I suggest you make tea for a single serving. Hassle free

    just cook the dank in either coco milk or coco oil and water for at least half hour. Simmering. Take off heat, strain, and serve up.

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