making a temp veg box

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by chad0200, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. ok i got a tote that is 3x2x3
    i batwing reflector that i put 4 125 watt cfl and put it on the lid of tote in the inside
    a 4 inch inline fan 80 cfm cut a hole in the top so its sucking out and cut a hole in the bottom side 4 inch and put screen over both hole and set up a small dwc using sure to grow plugs will this work i use under current hydro system in flower tent will this work got another 3x3x7.5 tent just making a stand so i can spilt it in half so i can have a mother and veg room in same tent want going to run 2 300 watt mh in the tent i just got but havnt order the 2 300 watt mh yet do you all think my temp veg box will work
  2. just hucked up letting it run for few days to watch temps when i find my camra i post pics but it stays colder then my flower tent so far 68 and i think that may be to cold for a veg/clone box
  3. still need to paint it white in the inside

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