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making a sublingual thc drops??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rocknroller, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i made a batch of thc drops using about 3.5 of stems and leafs and put it into about a 0z of vegetable glycerin. but its not finished and it wont be for another like 3 weeks.
    so i was just wondering if putting about 3.5 of good bud into an oz of glycerin,and letting it sit for about 2 months and shaking it ever couple days , and keeping it in a heat vent to keep it warm. would this work????

    has anyone tryed this??

  2. anyone ever heard of this, any input would be great.
  3. wow, wen i read ur title thats exactly wat i thought was going on, i think itd work as long as the oils good for...or u could just heat the oil up and have thc drops in like 40 minutes
  4. Just recently read a great article in a recent High Times about sublingual drops.

    Keep your eye out for it.
  5. could you possibly send me that article, or is it in a magazine??
    ill check their website to
  6. ive never heard of this but it sounds good to me man i wanna stock up on some thc drops !! :bongin:

  7. It was in a magazine. Don't even have that particular issue, saw it when reading through at the book store or would have linked it.

    Sorry couldn't be more help.
  8. I've heard of this, and it's something I am also going to try. I finally got all of my stuff together today, so one month from now, I'll be able to let you know if it worked. I've read somewhere that you should use 1 cup of glycerine for 1 ounce of weed. I'm not sure how well it will work, so I'm gonna try it out with 1/2 cup and 1/2 ounce of high mids. I have some stems and some kief I'll throw in there as well.

    By the way, did you find food safe glycerine at a local store? I finally gave up and bought it online. I really hope these work, as I have asthma and smoking isn't too terrible, but it'd be nice to take a break every now and then.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, when I read about it, it said let it sit for a month in a warm place. So, that's what I am gonna try.
  9. I have some tincture right now actually.
    It can be very potent or it can be useless.
    I found that using hash is the best way to do it.
  10. just wondering how much hash u used and how much vegetable glycerin did you use??
    i was wondering if this could be done in a few hours if heated in like a water bath inside of a crock pot??
  11. I have a alcohol based tincture, and I used about 2.5 grams in a small glass bottle with a dropper.
  12. Heh, I'm making one right now as well - but I'm using an ounce of Vapor Poo to about 6 ounces of Glycerin.

    We're just at about six weeks now. It should be ready on my wife's brithday second week of April.

    FYI - I found food grade glycerin at the health-food store. It was a LITTLE pricey at $4 per 4 ounces, but they usually also stocked a bigger size that was out. Anyway, check health food stores that have a lot of vitamins.
  13. can you give me a full break down on everything you did mid west king please
  14. sounds awesome
  15. Its the BO.51. Until April 6, Edition of High Times "master growers guide 2009" The Best Of High Times page 48-49 they recommend using good bud with some kif on top letting it brew for 2 months shaking it 5 min a day strain it through a micron bag or cheese cloth and store. im gonna try it with a qp of mids ill be shure to post pics you can also do this using 120 proof alcohol for two weeks to a month strain and let sit for 2 days with a light breeze blowing over it letting alcohol evaporate makes the tincture more potent.

  16. Ive heard of just soaking good bud in stoley vodka works well. I heard you should set it in a dark area, like your closet for 2 months. Make sure to grind the bud and shake it everyday. I have yet to do this, but Im a chef and have made/baked anything and everything with green. I even make THC protein bars with 35g of protein in each bar, good clean whey protein bars. They are hevan sent for all the gym bunnies that i bake them for :)
  17. Ive had tincture that was made with everclear 191 proof liquor i think? It was just soaked in a bottle of it shook up every so often for a few weeks. Strain the plant matter out with some type of fine cheese cloth.
  18. #18 WildWill, May 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2009
    I've now made two batches of tinctures -

    The one I mentioned above worked out well, but the time factor was a pain in the rear end, and the result wasn't quite as strong as I had hoped. I ended up with about 6 oz of tincture, and it lasted about a month or so.

    I had collected about another ounce of vapor poo, and also had an ounce of "roaches" - i.e. material that had been in joints already, I figured what the heck. I also put in whatever stems I had collected.

    Combined that with 18 ounces of glycerin in a crockpot that I had bought from Goodwill ($8!). I mixed it all together and turned it on high for a couple of hours, stirring often.

    When we went to bed I turned it on low. This morning when I woke up I turned off the pot. I just poured the mixture into our french press and squeezed. A couple of strains through a strainer, and it was ready. All together it made a total of about 12 ounces of tincture.

    I took two droppers in and bam, I was already feeling the effects. I just dumped two more droppers into my coffee and drank that.

    The taste is awful - I did dump in some Kaluha flavored coffee syrup before I strained it, and also put in some vanilla extract hoping to make the smell and taste a bit more palatable, but it didn't really help much. It's OK, you don't need a whole lot to get you going...

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