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  1. hey all i had an idea. i know that over time, strains generally become more potent if seeds are taken from the best crops. i believe this is the reason why pot has become so much more potent in recent years as opposed to the 60's. we constantly have people breeding to find the best genetics and highest potency. but, i had an idea. since i have crap luck with ordering seeds and can only get my hands on bagseed, what if i had a grade "A" pot plant grown from bagseed and pollinated only a small branch with male pollen? could i possibly create my own super strain from bagseed just as good as many of the strains advertised on the web? i mean face it, you can grow really good bud from bagseed but over time could i improve the potency by doing this? well, what do you guys think? lets just get some opinions on here. the situation is pretty hypothetical. i imagine it wouldnt be worth it because it would take a very long time to do. thoughts?btw not sure if this goes here. but maybe some of you who are scared of ordering seeds are thinking of this too.
  2. yes, that is how everyone breeds better plants....breed and select the best and breed back and select the best etc etc. its a darwin system in a way. the difference is the folks breeding all these neat new strains are pretty knowledgeable and good at what they do, so it takes a lot of know how and trial and error and %/space.

    you can do it, in time, but dont expect the new white widow in your first few generations :)
  3. yeah i figured it would take alot of time. anyone else?
  4. this is exactly how it is done. you also have to look for resnous male plants and not just good looking girls or else you will get no where
  5. yea deff jus dont expect to have some killer chronic shit in a few months it takes lots of time
    but deff worth the effort
  6. resinous males huh? hard to figure that one out. especially when you cut the males as soon as they sex cuz i do not want them filling my buds with many seeds. (im pretty much an outside grower. start inside move outside.) i was just thinkn i was going to be growing for a few years so i could take the best seeds from each crop but only pollinate maybe one or two budsites with males pollen so the plant is still very high potency. this is similar to the way corn has come to todays standards. first it was sort of a grassy type of plant with only small kernels on it. but over years and years of time, when people used to cultivate it they would only select seeds from the best crops to plant for the next year. and thus the plant turned from a mostly leafy or grassy plant with a small pod of kernels maybe about the size of a golf ball, to the size it is now. but i dunno, i might just try to select bagseed with mostly indica traits because i live in an area that gets frost pretty early. i made the mistake of growing a mostly sativa variety this year, that was a mistake. compared to my bagseed plant that has already been flowering for weeks now, the mostly sativas (purple powers)are just barely showing sex.

  7. Not if you're breeding you don't. Segregate, so that they don't make all your femmes go to seed, but you do need the males for their sperm. Outdoors segregation can be very difficult as pollen can travel rather far given the right wind and no obsticles. Bringing the males indoors is best. Some people put plastic bags over the male flowers to catch all the pollen when they open without contaminating the surroundings. Remember: pollen was designed to stick to things and get carried far and wide.
  8. yeah thats what i mean. i cant professionally breed cuz its illegal lol. and im not much of an indoor grower cuz i dont have my own place and even if i did i wouldnt really want to grow indoor. atleast not seriously grow indoor. i might sex plants under small flouros but then its outside or back into veg. i guess ill just go with all females. no more of this breeding talk lol.
  9. No such thing.
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    A quick Google Image search proved that statement wrong:rolleyes:


    If that aint trichomes(resin) on a male plant, Im the fucking pope.

    If you are talking out your ass, please dont post.
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    Your holiness, that is a hermie.

    And I echo your second sentiment.

    When I have produced seed for next year (see my link below) I just select an initially vigorously growing, nicely proportioned male, then stop him growing large by keeping him in a small pot.
    Although seed banks use hermies to produce feminised seeds, I think the risk of the progeny going hermie is too large.
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    Thats no hermi pal, and breeders do look for resinous males when breeding. Breeders do post online and Ive heard from many of them, that resin content is one of the many features they look for in male plants. Ive offered up my proof that males will in fact produce resin, you call the picture a hermi, I dont see anything female about that plant, where is your proof that males dont produce resin? Got a link? Like I said dont post bullshit you pull out of thin air, please. People are here growing weed and trying to get better at it, these guys want to breed seeds.

    Here is where I got the photo from, the guy says nothing about a herni, I dont see anything that resembles a hermi, none of the people replying say anything about a hermi, I suggest you actually grow some plants before offering up your advice. If you cant see that is a pure male, I gotta question if you have actually grown a marijuana plant before? Where is the female part of that plant? Show me one calyx or pistil?
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    Article from Cannabis Culture on how this breeder selects his males. This guy is somewhat known in the breeding world. Dj Short! Yes DJ Short, arguably the top breeder in the world! Shantibaba gives him a run for his money but when companies like Dutch Passion rip off your work, I think you have made it in the breeding world.

    Now I got to say this is a dead issue, males do produce resin, and looking for the ones that do will probably give you the best results when breeding. Should we believe DJ Short or Cantharis?

  14. believe in DJ short :) ive had some of his banana variety while i was in cali
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    Hermaphrodite - Animal or plant that possesses both male and female sexual characteristics.

    Male MJ plants have pollen, trichomes are characteristic of female plants. Those of us that have actually done a grow have monitored the colour of trichomes on our ladies - function of sticky trichomes is to capture pollen grains and ensure the fertilisation of buds, producing seeds. A MJ plant that has both pollen and trichomes has both male and female characteristics and is, BY DEFINITION, a hermaphrodite.
    As I said earlier, there is no such thing as a sticky male - if it has male flowers and trichomes, it is a hermie. True males do NOT have trichomes. None of my males have ever produced trichomes. Anyone who had ever done a grow would know that. Those who haven´t just quote books.

  16. You really have no clue do you? Do some research son. Lmao @ it if it has male flowers and trichomes it is a hermie. Seriously where do you get that BS?
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    Id like to see you give one link that supports your theory that males dont produce THC, trichomes, resin, etc. I have provided 3 so far and I can keep going with more if need be. I believe what I see not what I want to see. I researched your claim and the only thing I can find is you under the name SpanishFly that has been banned from Grass City saying the same bullshit you are. I have actually grown plants, click on my gallery. From what I have found you dont grow any plants but sure do have lots of advice to offer. Please stop with the bullshit man, males do produce trichomes, if you would read the articles I posted by very credible sources you will see that. This isnt rocket science pal, please offer up one scientific study that backs your claim, I have, I think you should do the same if you are gonna just claim to the community males dont produce resin. Ive provided a pic of a male plant, you call it a hermi, this just shows you dont understand at all. Trichomes have absolutely nothing to do with the sexuality of a plant. The sex organs do, trichomes have nothing to do with them. Do you know why the plant produces the trichomes besides to get you high?

    You need to offer up some proof for your claims, this is called credibility, at the moment you have none.

    I think you should just stop while you are behind and admit to be flat out wrong about this subject.

    Trichomes are not a "characteristic" of female plants, they are a characteristic of Cannabis period. Reading the first sentence of this link will tell you that.

    Under your theory, everytime someone breeds to make seeds, the quality of marijuana would degrade every single time if the male has no THC. Now thats obviously not true.
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    Sorry. smelly pants. You obviously have NEVER done a grow.

    And can only quote writers whom you obviously think are GOD. Now you can join the rest of the cerebrally challenged morons in my IGNORE list.

    As I said before, those who know nothing, and cannot demonstrate a grow of their own, just quote books.

    Now I have nothing more to say or read on this topic. But the morons will be droning on for evermore, as usual, LOL!!!!!!

  19. What?:p. Okie Dokie. So thats how you react when you get facts presented to you? Call me smelly pants? Loool. :D

    The burden of proof is on you sir, Im waiting.

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