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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Sad Panda, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Hey guys, I just had a great idea as a way we could get more people to know the truth about I know college kids are already predisposed to at least being neutral about our favorite plant, but how many of them could actually hold a conversation about why it should be legalized? How many of them know about some of the threats the government is posing on marijuana activists everywhere?

    I thought, wouldn't it be a cool idea to make a Marijuana Newsletter, with articles written by all of us! Then, each of us can xerox like a hundred copies (or whatever you can afford), and put them everywhere they can be read? If we all pitch in one article, or editorial cartoon, or column, we can easily make like a weekly newsletter! It would be very little work, especially for people who love writing about marijuana reform anyway (RMJL, Digit, I'm looking at you!) and it could do a whole lot of good.

    Who's interested? If you are, email me at or PM me.
  2. i could do some drawings and the like, i'm decent at pencil-n-paper drawings and i'm not bad at photoshop. let me know.
  3. probably not a good idea.

    waste of time.

    write to a politician..........any one ,instead.

    If you're very very lucky ,a receptionist/secretary may even actually read it before trashing it.

    Newsletters from many "so called" activist groups like ,NORML .........MAP already exist.............just link to them .(as much of your news letter would probably just be a cut and paste of theirs anywho.)

    You have a choice ,

    you can supplement the work of others with your own...............

    or you can compliment the work of others by imitating/repeating it.

    Your biggest task as I said many times before ,will be in finding anyone interested enough to read whatever you do. 2 cents.........

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