making a hybrid veg?

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  1. so i was wondering if plants (like peppers in my case) can pollenate different varieties of each other? like can i have a jalepeno and another kind of pepper cross? and the seeds from that would be the cross? is it possible ? how? just been wondering and noones been helpful on other sites..
  2. ya know there is something similar called grafting, but im not sure if this works with peppers.

    [ame=]YouTube - Urban Grower Talks About Grafting Cannabis Plants[/ame]
  3. i guess its not really too similar but its cool info

    [ame=]Fields of Study: Pepper Breeding - Video[/ame] :b

    this seems like a plausible response?
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  5. yeah chilli are terrible/amazing (depending what you want) for cross pollinating. its not an exact science tho the best bet is to hand pollinate to make sure. might get something like 50% original 25% cross pollinated 25% random. it can take time but just keep crossing and crossing and crossing and you are bound to get something cool. will give you an idea of some of the variety.

    big chilli fan tho. i have a yellow moruga scorpion which is super tasty/hot. and a purple variety. mabbbyyyy i should cross them  :hippie: 

    also going to grow these next spring (southern hemisphere)


    \tChilli Fish\tCapsicum annuum<div style="margin:0px;">A stunning variegated chilli that is as productive as it is ornamental. The variegated leaves stand out in the vegie garden, with colourful fruit to match. An heirloom from the 19th century, Fish was commonly used in Creole seafood dishes and is one of the best chillis for making salsas.


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