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Making a Gravity Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Baseballa305, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I smoke everyday been doing this for a while, and I don't have a bong but I do have a little spoon, and I can roll joints, but I want to try to make a gravity bong so I can make the most of this chronic I have right now. I want to get really high later. Can anyone tell me how to make a gravity bong. I already searched and didn't really find anything helpful, so if anyone could give me some instructions it would be very appreciated. Thanks.

  2. its pretty easy bro, ill try to explain it the best i can

    1. Find a two liter bottle of soda, there the biggest bottles they make. About 3/4 to end of the bottle (opposite of where the drink is poured out), make a cut so that you can remove the end.

    2. Find a bucket like the orange ones for home depot or the white ones that protein powder comes in

    3. With the top screwed onto the bottle, drill a hole into the cap. To hold your bud, you can use a slide from a bong or a drill bit. The hole has to be very close to the size of your slide/bowl.

    4. Fill the bucket up with water, and slowly push the bucket into the water (at this point it should be packed with the bowl/slide in the hole u made)

    5. once it is pushed down all the way, light the bud.

    6. keep the flame on the bud while u slowly pull the bottle up and away from the water. Stop pulling when the bottom of the bottle is ALMOST out of the water (make sure it doesnt leave the water or the smoke will escape.)

    7. unscrew the cap and inhale as u push the bottle slowly back into the water.

    8. you will get extremely ripped

    Hope this helps. if u have any questions just ask and ill try to go into deeper explanation
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    There are two main methods. You can do the waterfall or the third lung method. Waterfall is the easiest that's for sure. Either way you're going to have to have a two liter soda bottle. Take the top off and drill a hole big enough for whatever your slide is going to be, I find it easiest to just go to a headshop and get a rubber gromet and a cheap glass slide. Make sure the fit is air tight but tight enough to pull the slide out. After you do this punch a small hole in the bottom of the two liter bottle. Fill it up with water, plug the hole, pack ur bowl. As you light the bowl let go of the hole causing the water to fall out.

    As the water rushes out it causes air to pull through filling up the bottle with smoke. Once your bowl is cashed pull out the slide, and take a rip. Thats the waterfall method.

    For the other one you're going to need a resevoir. A large tub or pot works. Use the same cap, instead of a small hole in the bottom this time cut the whole damn bottom off. Push the 2 liter down into the resevoir, the farther down you go the bigger the hit. Attach your packed bowl/top combo to the submerged 2 liter. Again, light the bowl, this time however slowly draw the 2 liter out of the resevoir. Again, same effect air goes in, you get smoke in the bottle.

    Pull ur slide out take a hit.

    Hope that answers all your questions.

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