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Making a bowl?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SaskKush, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Me and a buddy are building a bong and we just need a bowl now. What should we use? Is tin foil safe? Or is that unhealthy like smoking out of a can? Any suggestions?
  2. You can maybe use a socket instead of the tin foil?
  3. If you're making a bong than quality and health hazards are obviously not a big cocern for you.

    Don't use tin foil...although it seems logical, its not good to smoke from it.

    Find a titanium or steel socket, probably 14mm-22mm is best depending on how big of a bowl you want.


    You and your friend cam scrape together $50 and buy a half decent glass pipe
  4. Door stops. Just remove the little rubber tip and the part that connects it to the wall. Then just slide a little piece of aluminum foil towards the top of the part that was connected to the door.
  5. No aluminum foil man its not good for you to smoke out of. Especially the ones with non-stick surface. Sockets are good or try some kind of glass piece
  6. Ya we have a glass spoon but we just want to try to build a bong
  7. i meant like a piece of glass that you can use for a slide or a bowl. Some wine stoppers are pretty detailed and might be modifiable

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