Making A Bong Slide?

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  1. First post on here, first post on any forum actually lol. So if I'm doing something wrong, all apologies.
    I got a bong a few weeks ago, but I still haven't been able to use it because it doesn't have a slide. Unfortunately I can't post a picture of it because my phone is a piece of work :mad: But I found a picture on google that's virtually identical. The only difference I see is the little black ring around the hole where the slide goes, mine doesn't have that
    So what's the easiest, safest slide to make that doesn't require me going out and buying a bunch of supplies? And just incase you didn't notice, the hole on that thing is huge. I'm not at home right now so I can't give an exact measurement, but I'd say it's around the size of a nickel. The pic I attached really doesn't do it any justice in showing how big that damn hole is..
    Thanks in advance ya'll. I REALLY wanna use my krusty :lol:


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  2. Honestly, a 9mm slide (which looks like what you need) is $10 max at a local headshop. So I'd fork over the money.
    I can't think of anything that would even kinda work except  maybe if you can find a perfectly fitting socket but that will get to hot to remove for hits.
    Hope this was somewhat helpful
  3. That seal is like $3, I've bought a few.
    You can get a cheap bowl for about $10.
    But if you cant gather that money, (its well worth it for the smoking experience), you could probably fashion a seal from a rubber band or something and use a door spring as a bowl (i've done that haha)

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