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Makin a Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scottr, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Was making a bamboo pipe, was wondering if there are any guides on this because I have no idea how to make peices. Or if someone can tell me how to


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  2. Put a hole and make a bowl. Sockets are easy. what type of pipe do u want? a steam roller? A bong?
  3. basically just a pipe. i guess you could call it a steam roller. not a fan of bongs.
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    YES! :hello: Someone being creative! Hippies used to make most of their roach clips, steamrollers, pipes, hookahs and bongs! (I still have many of mine :D ) Glad to see someone not just whining about their lack of a smoking device, but actually doing something about it! Most cool!

    You'll figure out how to do it. A clay, stone or metal bowl (avoid copper and aluminum) will be needed. You need a drill to make some holes. It's not that hard! Use your imagination!

    Granny :wave:
  5. Just plug one end of the bamboo, And drill a hole for a socket with a screen in it. If you want, make a carb by drilling a hole in the side..
  6. Thanks yall. Starting making one last night. Sealing the bowl tonight :)
  7. New Pipe :)
  8. thats cool dude + rep
  9. yo, im a big bamboo guy. and ive learned that if u but a bowl oun the side of the peice of bamboo that is still fresh and young, ur pipe will curve inward and collapse on itself and break. idk how urs will turn out, but my thoughts are that its gonna break, drill a hole on the top and make a compartment for the weed. its a good toke, i have a few of them.
  10. I have a bambo steam roller.

    Drill a small hole on the top for your bowl will go there

    if its not the end piece of the bambo it should have two holes on each side The bigger hole should be the carb. Basically make a bowl

    put it in the hole you drilled hold the palm of your hand over the side your mouth isnt on light and breath the smoke will be pulled down into the center of the bambo. when you're done with the hit take your hand off and breathe fast! Waalahh! And then you're high.
  11. My goal is to make something sort of like this...


    I really dig the elephant theme and the colors...minus the tusks?
  12. be careful drillin it because the fibers of bamboo run like this ======= so if u drill 2 quick itll splinter and the fibers will pull out
  13. What you have there looks fine, no plastic connected to the end of the socket right? If so good.

    No need to clog the end, that can be used as your carb, like a steamroller.

    Only thing I can suggest is a screen, and it would probably work fine.

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