Make Your Own Kick-Ass Organic Fert.

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  1. For many years I have been making my own liquid fertiliser using Russian comfrey. It is every bit as good as expensive seaweed derived ferts, IMHO, and once you are established costs nothing. Last year I got 16.3 ounces from one lady in a 7.5 UKgallon bucket, and 50 ounces total of dried bud from 4 plants.

    The method is simple. You want Russian comfrey type Bocking 14, it is supplied as a root, and a google search will score you some. This is the only time you have to buy anything. Plant and water the roots as instructed by the supplier, and they will soon produce large leaves. See pic of my comfrey bed.

    When you have a good load of leaves, take a plastic bottle with a wide cap, I use mineral water bottles, and half fill with water. Stuff with leaves, shaking them down often, until nearly full. See next pic. The leaves just keep growing throughout the summer, in an endless supply.

    Leave to rot. Shake the bottle every day, and unscrew the cap to release the gases that form, they smell like a fart to be proud of.

    After a month you will have a dark, smelly liquid. Strain off the solids that fall to the bottom (they actually make a good compost activator) and reserve the liquid. See bottom pic. Dilute the liquid 1:20 with water as needed.

    I feed 2 or 3 times a week.

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  2. How long does it take for the russian comfrey to grow?
  3. A long time since I first started, I think I planted in March, had leaves for first batch by May.
    Now the leaves just start appearing about March every year. It grows pretty quick.
  4. hmmm.... i guess ill try.
  5. Go for it Scorpius. Once you have made the effort to get the roots you will always have top grade fert for free.
  6. Thanks for that post man. That's awesome. Is it a perennial plant? I live in a climate with pretty harsh winters; just wondering if I could grow it by my garden and have it come back every year. Thanks again!
  7. Yes, comfrey is perennial. Leaves appear every March, keep growing until about November. That is in my climate, which is mild. In a harsher climate they will, of course, appear every year, but the growing season will probably be contracted a bit from both ends.
  8. Has anyone been sufficiently inspired to have a go at this??
  9. yea sure, but can the same be applied to different vegetation? could i use another leafy plant to make the fertilizer?

    im using Compo Fertilizante Universal 7-5-6 (is this any good do you know?) at the moment dialuted 5 times the recomendation because mine are seedlings
  10. I believe you can do something similar with nettles, but have never tried it. I make compost from garden and kitchen waste, a solid fert which you dig into your growing medium.

    I was inspired to try comfrey by a locally produced book - Gardening on the Costa Blanca. The stuff works well, it is rich in potassium, apparently, which is essential for good fruit and flowers.

    If I run out of comfrey based fert I use BioCanna.
  11. yea dude i know that shit, comfrey is great for fertilizer, anything good for tomato plants is good for marijuana, on the island where i live it is grown in fields.
  12. Glad to read your endorsement, LOL
  13. Bumped up for greenbong.
  14. hey imite have to try that some time cause if your getting 50 ounces off of 4 plants i think that sounds good
    im fucking tired now so im going to smoke and sleep peace and happy smokin to all
  15. I find it well worth the effort, and it is free.
  16. I have never seen weed like that. What is the strain of it. It almost looks like household plants. They would fit into the vegatation here.
    Where did you obtain your seeds for this strain? I would love to grow some of that.
  17. Read the fucking thread, PEERRLEASE.
  18. im gonna try it with nettles . I live in destelbergen , translated "nettleshill" so I will have a big supply :D

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