Make Something Up That Sounds Like It Could Be True

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  1. For example...
    In the Midwest, it's illegal failing to return a wave from an oncoming driver when traveling on a dirt road. :wave:
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  2. I'll give this my best shot : In the state of Kentucky it is only illegal to have more than 5 gallons of moonshine on your person. Any less than that is lawfull

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  3. In Helena Mt. you must walk your horse if on Main St on a Sunday, but you can still wear your gun.

    Oh wait, that really is a law.

    On Friday nights you must ride side saddle.

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  4. OP isn't gay.

    I'm also very sorry for making this statement, although this apology still remains in the context of the thread, thus, I am technically not sorry.. But by not being technically sorry, now I technically am.
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  5. In Upstate New York, if you live in a house of BLACK and WHITE people you are not allowed to paint Race Related or Sexually Related artworks in the attic.
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  6. Half the people on this site are cops.
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  7. In California it's illegal to have your own beliefs
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  8. In Quebec every March 18th no shopkeeper can sell alcohol
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  9. My uncle Fred used to do be a janitor at Market Square Arena, and shared a joint with Joe Cocker and Tina Turner
  10. To-go bags aren't available in the Philippines because it implies you're a pothead saving food for the munchies later
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  11. Excessive drinking and weed smoking makes you dumb.
    I guess that ain't made up from a scientific point of view but it seems so from my experience
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  12. News Update from the White House:
    The President has determined that building a wall would be less effective than digging individual holes for his supporters to bury their heads in while he rapes America.
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  13. Back in Vietnam we used to shit in buckets!!! I don't wanna hear your shit kid!! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME!!!???
  14. If you take an orange, cut out all of the meat, glue the peel back together and tie it to an apple tree it will turn into an apple.
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  15. What kind of glue?
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  16. Wood glue for a nice smokey flavor.
  17. Does it make the apples huffable?
  18. Washington D.C. watches the most hentai porn out of any U.S. state.
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  20. Did you know that turtles with 3 testicals breed at twice the rate of a normal testicaled turtle? Giving the fertile female turtle a 7% higher rate of having twin embryos in their eggs?

    J Evergreen

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