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Make some weed chicken?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by happy feet, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I wanted to roast a whole canachicken and was wondering if it was possible and about how I should do this, should I just make canabutter and cover the in and outside with it before cooking or is there a better way to do this?
  2. I think you would be better off adding budder after it has been cooked I just don't see how the potency would stay the same.
  3. It's easy :)

    You just need to use both canna oil and butter for your stuffing, and reserve a little solidified canna (preferably coconut) oil, to slide between the skin and the breast meat, with a little stuffing to help hold it in place... when making a slow cooked chicken, the meat will be fairly medicated by the time it finishes cooking, but your main source of potency is found in the stuffing. If you don't like stuffing, add it to the gravy. If you don't like gravy, you can simply 'mist' or spray potency on your meat after it's cooked.

    When baking a 'chook' (ie, a chicken), the inside usually only just reaches 165 - 170 f, by the time it's finished cooking, so your potency is relatively safe inside with the stuffing from the beginning, and distributes more towards the edges by the middle and the end of cooking.... it's not as guarded and preserved as a 100% cold recipe like a truffle, but it's exposed to less intense heat that say, a brownie, or a cookie for instance.
    Syringes can also be used to make a series of oil injections, directly inside the actual flesh of the chicken, or simple slits can be made then filled with solidified canna oil, and plugged with garlic... the meat shrinks more than the garlic, during cooking, so it behaves as a kind of 'cork' sealing it inside. After a period of slow, gentle cooking the oils, the fluids, and oils, along with the seasonings, salt content, and 'other ingredients', attempt to equalize between the meat, the stuffing... this both flavors, as well as distributes a good amount of potency throughout the meat.




    Remember to periodically pour off any excess oil as it appears, before it can heat too long, and use it for your gravy ;)
  4. ^Thanks a lot
  5. My life is complete now.
  6. Well, I clearly know what to do next Thanksgiving.

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