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Make smoke with your mouth (SO COOL!)

Discussion in 'General' started by CallMeHerb, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. alright, i was cruisin` the net and i came across this. i'm high as hell and this is so fun to do. i didn't think it would work at first, but it does!!! try this right now. it'll make you laugh, or at least put a smile on your face. i promise.

    here it is:

    :cool: :wave: :p :smoking: ;) :smoke: :D :hello: :)
  2. damn... ..i think i did it wrong.... i couldnt get it too work ..i ended up just hyperventilating and hitting my head on my keyboard tray...
  3. i just popped an eardrum thanks buddy
  4. lol.. you guys are trying too hard. use your cheecks and lips to create most of the pressure, not your lungs. you guys are just making all the blood rush to your head.

  5. Who cares if smoke does come out? Go take a hit and blow out some good shit
  6. I'll just wait until it gets cold outside so I can go "LOOK, I'm smoking" and mimmick the gesture only to look like a jackass. ;)
  7. LoL u guys are killing me... my whole school knows about that trick... what i do is close my mouth with air and click your tounge a few times with your mouth close, then make a fist into a ball and try blowing hard with your mouth still closed and then blow very slowly... its a bit difficult to understand but its halarious reading your replies... LoL
  8. "damn... ..i think i did it wrong.... i couldnt get it too work ..i ended up just hyperventilating and hitting my head on my keyboard tray..."

    ^^ that's fun shit lol
  9. hahahaha thast one of the craziest things ever. lol i cant get over that that happens.
  10. haha i dont know if its just all the dmt i been smokin lately or if it really worked, but i definitely saw smoke, haha i'ma try it in a brighter area

    definitely just all the dmt i been smokin haha, i can actually feel how its effected me to, like i get startled real easy now, kinda weird.
  11. ^^ lol............i tried this and i got it my first time........cool i guess......id rather be blowin some real smoke tho......

  12. i just bought a half o. and i took your advice. but all i was trying to say was:

    "It's FREAKIN` COOL"​

  13. A teeny bit of a misnomer there, you're not actually blowing smoke out of your mouth, what you're really doing is compressing the air in your mouth and blowing out water vapor.... steam.
  14. Nice... It worked.
  15. sweeett..... that was cool, i'm gonna break that out in front of my boss tonight... be like, what we can't smoke in here???
  16. I fuckin popped an artery in my neck. Thanks asshole.
  17. yooooo... i finally got it to work!!! thanks meat man!! errr.. callmeherb.. uh.. herb..
    it was a small cloud.. how do you get bigger clouds?

  18. you're welcome. biatch.
  19. Ahahaha. I think I popped a blood vessel in my neck too, but it's all good, cuz I am too high to feel the pain.!
  20. I just laughed myself senseless thanks

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