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Major shortage

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. In my area there is just no weed around, and when I mean none, that means not 1 blunt for anyone around here for the past week.

    I had to resort to drinking a 12 pack of Heinikins during these playoff game ....though it might not be a bad idea, lol

    Anyway, to the point of this thread, where has all the ganja gone? Does anyone have the anwser?
  2. Ummm, I think I have it.

    Haha, I wish, but I have a decent amount.

    Maybe, I might be liying. Yeah! I don't smoke! What are you talking about?
  3. Heiniken, huh? You must have some excess money. I'm waiting for my $13 handle of whiskey to get back here. I sent my room mate and suite mate out after it. I wanted them to get beer, but they wanted liquor and we have a stupid law saying you can't sell beer and liquor in the same store. If they were willing to go by a gas station, I'd be drinking Natty light.
  4. natty light mmmmmmmm yummy...actually its not too bad, but i prefer high life cause you can geet a 30 pak for like 13 bucks...
  5. no beer and liquor in the store thats town is actually a dry town but you only have to drive about 5 minutes...i prefer natty light to high life and around here natty is generally cheaper.
  6. I like Heinekin and Coronna.....thats it, I cant drink that nasty cheap beer...... but honestly does anyone know the deal with the chron?
  7. its all about the PBR
  8. yeah natty is for the basics but if i have 10 bucks id rather have a 12 of molson canadian in bottles. sorry that your dry but i find that drinking is better during the football games. however iv been smokin all weekend.
  9. high life is too filling for me. Sometimes I'll get a couple high life tall boys to get me through a night and it's always so hard to finish the second one.
  10. It's a bit dry around here too. Prices have gone up since there's not a lot going around. Usually, it's just in late fall when it's dry but it's hard to find right now for some reason.

    I have some but that's because I always do. I'm rarely without.

    Good luck finding some green! :D If you were near me, I'd share!!!!

  11. i'd share with ya... but then you'd be hooked on ny's best.... mmmmmmmmmm the flava.... :D

    an wang..... why drink natty lite's when you could get natty ice.... i mean, they both taste like why not at least get drunker ( with the 5.9%) durin the process??

  12. High life is the way to go

  13. its also the champagne of beers....:D
  14. I've just kinda grown accustomed to natty light now. I can't wait til october when paulaner comes out with it's it's annual oktoberfest brew. That's an awesome beer.
  15. how do u guys drink that nasty cheap beer?
  16. High life ...............good beer....but fuck beer

    whiskey is my friend
  17. Having kinda the same problem here. Had to settle for an eighth instead of our usual amount.
    Way too many seeds, way too many it really worth it anymore? Wait, of course it is! ;-)
  18. Yea, I've hit a serious drought(sp?) lately. I really hadn't smoked in a while and then when I finally went to get some, nobody had it. But I recently talked to a friend who's provider might be able to find some. I'll talk to my friend this week and see if it pans out.
  19. oh man i feel for you guys...

    i just bought some freshly cut BC Big bud... 84 grams for 450$.

    yummmyyyy.... its very very good. you guyds all need to come out to bc!
  20. Well I am going to Montreol (spelling??????) in July, so I hope the weed there is easy to get and good. Does anyone know about the weed there and how i might be able to get it

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