major pot bust in NC

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  1. 4 Asheboro men arrested in major marijuana bust - North Carolina & Regional - Wire -

    Fuck my life.
  2. a bumper????????????????????? Jesus id get a treasure chest.

    Jonny::Can i borrow the car?
    Mike: Yeah
    - 5 hours later

    Jonny:: Dude i crashed and totald the car im so sorry
  3. lmfao mike seems like a genious.
  4. Man lol... all these bigtime dealers and shit. If i did this and made this much money id seriously burry it in a fucking chest out in the woods where only I know where. Shit bro if your carrying POUNDS of pot you gotta expect to get roped someday.

    I doubt dogs can smell 10-15 feet into the ground. but wtf do i know, they have a breathalizer for pot. Might as well have a satalite that locks onto you when you spark a jay lol
  5. lol im gonna be digging 10-15 foot holes all over the woods looking for burried treasure now gdi
  6. Nobody thinks that they can get caught till they are getting handcuffed.
    <--- Speaks from experience, smh
  7. Who's good friends/drug hookups for anything I can possibly ask for go to UNC Asheboro?

    <--- This guy's
  8. Im sure theyre hurtin right now. damn that sucks.
  9. Chances are Charlotte will start getting dry spells now. All the bud I get comes from Asheville. I'm sure there are more growers but DAMN that's a lot. :eek:
  10. yeah i get my stuff from a specific grower usually but my dealers that dont live 15 miles away both sent me the texts that they're dry for a while
  11. It's nice to see the NC police doing such a good job at providing new oppurtunities for future dealers and growers
  12. ...What do they do with 28 lbs of weed? Can I have one? :smoke:
  13. Yowza's. That strokes choad:/ whatever though, they're just doing there jobs.. I imagine that those people are the real criminals, dealing with that much money illegally. They probably have some more shady shit going on then just pot plants. But hell, whatduh I know?
  14. bro yeah they're stashin shit in the bumper of their cars those guys were goin HAM lol

  15. how'd it happen if you don't mind me asking.
  16. No wonder its been dry as hell around here lately.
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    It's actually 2,800 lbs of weed and I think they may be dealers haha
  18. I am here to inquire about your 28 lbs of pots.
  19. Catching these dealers will never do anything. All this did is drive up the customers for other dealers who are smarter about hiding their shit. There will always be people willing to take their place as long as it's illegal and there's a market for it.

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