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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nathan51, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Ok, so it was late last night. I tried transfering my baby plants from two in one pot, to each having there own. Long story short, when i attempted this i fucked up bad. I broke some of the roots off in the proccess. After i got the plant out, the dirt fell off, and i could see all the roots. There were still there, but some snapped off.

    My Question: Is my plants going to die? How long will it take to know if they are going to die? If they live, will they produce lesser quality/quantity of weed? Should i start over?

  2. Don't worry, keep your watering schedule and they should bounce back. There will be very little to no growth for probably a week. Sit back and wait, but we all know MJ is a nice hardy plant.

    Just for future attempts, ALWAYS one plant per pot.
  3. Hey buddy,
    No problem. Don't panic. If you only broke some of the roots off then you are probably ok. The soil should all fall off around it, which is ok too. That way you can get completely new soil. Just plant each plant in their respective pots, water them in well and then leave them alone. You will know in 24 hours or so if it took. Good luck.
  4. Yeah I work with regular plants and it's extremely hard not to break off the roots
  5. ^It's not hard at all, you just gotta be careful. When i'm transplanting i tip the pot upside down and tap the sides so the whole plant/soil/roots/etc. all come out together like a big plug.

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