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Major help! Please pics included!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greengrower407, May 26, 2009.

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    SO I Started to grow these plants about a month ago from germanation to them sprouting. A week into Sprouting I moved them into my apartment cause of neighbors. Anyhow I have a 400 watt MH and a 400 HPS running. I don't know what the strains are cause I got them from different batches I had bought and well figured give the whole growing thing a try. Anyhow The beginning they we doing so good. I have ten of them going. They are growing 1/4 of an inch each day and seem to be very healthy. Well two days ago I noticed a couple changed on them. Here are the pictures of the ones that are having some problems. I'm using miracle grow soil and water fed them miracle grow one time. I also sprayed them every now and then. Anyhow I noticed one of them was turning yellow and another one looks really droopy. Another one started to show really dark spots on the tips of the leaf. So if you can give me any advice! Please!!! I'd love it thanks!:confused:


    They seem to have recovered from what ever was going wrong with them. It seems to my thought that they were getting to hot! I had a set up in my closet and there was no really natural or strong enough source of wind going through them. I had a fan running but I think it was just moving the same air around. Anyhow, I moved them to a closet in my bathroom, which gets plenty of circulation air because of the exhaust fan that is in the closet and the AC coming in. a perfect size to fit my two lights and all kinds of fresh air, cause my hepa filter for my living room cleans it all up! It kind of worked itself out! So yeah here is a pic of the girls (hopefully they are girls don't know yet)

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  2. 1) Never use miracle grow again....
    2) You need to start feeding them nutrients from fertilizers
    3)Miracle Grow sucks..
  3. yea MG isnt good for MJ. whats the PH at and what type of water and nutrients are you using?
  4. looks like that pot is soaked. too wet. let it dry out every day , or give enough water each day to allow that.
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    to wet = root rot, to high ph= nute lockout. combination of the 2 = dieing plants, droopy leaves and yellowing leaves.
    i'm going threw same problem :(

    this is from the complete plant abuse chart

    look threw the above link, it also looks like a zinc problem.
  6. You need to start feeding very small amounts of nutes and very gradually work up to what it says on label. Your soil seems fine to me just make sure your PH is ok.
  7. HIGH All, so have your Babies perked up greengrower407...hope so.

    I moved your other Thread in Introduce Yourself to the indoor sextion
  8. what you should do is get rid of the 400 watt HPS and go with a 1000 watt will yield twice as much!!!!
    why do the same amount of work as somebody else and get half as much?

    Next time you should also try using Happy Frog soil with Coco and Perlite...

    Soil Mixture

    1/3 Happy Frog or Ocean Forest
    1/3 Coco

    use this soil mix and your plants will have healthy root growth and excellent drainage....

    You also want to use some good nutes...

    this is what I use and I get great results with it...

    Veg: Botanicare grow - Fox Farm Big Bloom - Seaweed Extract
    Flower:Botanicare Bloom-Fox Farm Big Bloom and a couple other things

    hope this helps a bit:smoking:

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