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Major Depersonalization while medicated!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eagleshot, May 13, 2011.

  1. I hope someone can help me with this issue. The first time I ever got high I suffered a major panic attack. This was the first attack I have ever suffered. I was 14 years old, took 10 good hits off a joint. This was actually my 4th time smoking, never got high before this. Oh man, I was so fucked up! Seeing tracers, felt like I was on another planet. I felt like nothing was real, and started zoning in and out of reality. It was frigging scary as shit! My friends where laughing, telling me I was tripping & to relax. I didn't know what to do. I spent the entire day walking around, praying to god that I would feel better. My heart was going a million miles per hour. I felt like I was dreaming for over 4 hours.

    When I finally came down, it felt relieving. I was so happy that I felt better. However, days after this I didn't feel myself. I went to school in a haze, felt like I was almost dreaming. I had no real thoughts, felt no joy. I was almost robot like. This feeling came & went for over 1 year after the incident. It was never as bad as when I got really high, but it did effect me.

    When I was 19 things where great. I got drunk a lot, got laid a lot, and shit was good in my life. I decided to jump back in the game and start smoking pot again. I tried it on a few different occassions, only taking 1 or 2 hits to see how I felt. It was great! Felt euphoric all over. However, I never really hit it hard. Only smoked on a few occasions. I really liked the effects of drinking, so I went down that road instead.

    So... 12 years later (now 31 years of age) I developed liver problems from partying to hard! Doctor told me to stop drinking. With help from an old friend, he told me to start smoking weed again. I was really apprehensive because of previous episodes. I ended up buying a quarter of same dank shit. Nice big buds with tons of crystals! Anyways, I starting taking 2-3 hits every night to relieve my withdrawal from drinking. Let me tell you, it really worked. Smoked enough each night to put me to sleep, and allow me to mellow out!

    Last night I went outside for my nightly toke after a long stressful day at the office. I took 3 nice hits from my glass pipe. I waited 15 minutes, didn't really feel the effects. I then decided to take another hit. Then I started to feel good. I went inside to my computer to look at nice pictures of bud from the "stash jar" section. It was then it hit me, feeling of depersonalization! It scared the shit out of me! I felt like I was on another planet, I immediately panicked! Even though I knew I was totally baked, it didn't matter. I started zoning in & out of reality, just like the first time I got really high! Things where spinning, my mind was racing, felt like I was going insane. I kept telling myself I was just tripping, and put the TV on and laid down. At this point, my heart was beating so fast I could see it through my shirt. I counted the beats, it was like 3 beats per second (180 per minute). I did a good job calming myself down, then I realized I needed to pick the wife up from work. I said "Ohh shit" this aint good. I walked out to my car, started it up, puled out onto the road, when it really hit me! I had to pull over to the side of the road! I panicked even more! Sat on the side of the road for 10 minutes, felt like 40 minutes. Got myself calm enough to pick her up. Short story Long... it lasted 2 hours! Felt like 6 hours!

    So... it's been over 24 hours, I still feel pretty fucked up. Most of the day I was fine today, except for a few minutes where I felt depersonalized. I wanted to share this with you all, wanted to see if anyone has issues with this? I have done a lot of searching today on the net, seems like MJ does this to a lot of people. I friggin hate this because I don't want to quit. I want to know if there are specific strains that WILL not cause this? I wanted to know if anyone has this issue when smoking, and what do you do to counter act this?

    Sorry to be so long winded, just looking for answers!
  2. Holy shit just read all that, im not a doctor but I dont think weed is for you man. If you cant control it well enough before having a major panic attack its not really worth it is it? Everytime getting high I would worry about wether I was getting too high, I would not like that feeling at all.
  3. Weed is not for you.
  4. Happened to me before...
    Just chill the fuck out and get a nice couchlock on.
    no dig beal.
  5. Sounds terrible I've had similar experiences especially when eating or drinking hash.

    Eventually you build up a tolerance and learn to cope with the intensified emotions you experience.
    well I did.. some people report sativas make them more prone to anxiety attacks.

    I also learned that i could get within my comfort zone again by simply closing my eyes, laying in bed and thinking positive.

    best of luck
  6. Sounds like your just not a marijuana kind of guy
  7. don't listen to these fools, your a pot guy, you like the smell and you like the quality of your bud just like the rest of us here. The problem your having is you have such a short tolerance level and your over smoking yourself and not toking slowly, OR you may have had creeper weed and weren't feeling the effects right away so you couldn't determine whether you had smoked enough for your personal preference or not.

    just take it easy man
  8. Smoke by yourself a few times, watch tv or play xbox youll feel alot more relaxed
  9. to me it just sounds like u are getting way higher then u can handle. idk
  10. I have had serious anxiety from smoking in the past. I havnt smoked for almost a year now but im getting back into it so we will see what happens.

    When I get too high, I become afraid to move. When I move my head even if I try to move it really slowly, it feels like my head turns a million miles an hour. I have also felt like I was being electrocuted if I was touched.

    I already have a bad anxiety issue which is why I smoke indicas only, sometimes I feel better and sometimes I feel way worse after smoking. I have spoken to a lot of people and they all say I just have to work on getting my tolerance up and that once my body is used to having it in my system I wont get the bad highs anymore. So that is what I am going to try and do.

    Do any seasoned tokers here agree with that?
  11. if weed ever did any of that besides the zoning out part, i wouldnt smoke..

    and you get way more relaxed as you smoke more, but i never felt like op when I started
  12. Trust me man it will get better. I remember the first time I got HIGH. A friend got me to smoke half a blunt during lunch break at work. I felt nothing till about five minutes after and it just hit me, HARD!! I was tripping and was insanely scared to go back to work. I was a dishwasher at the time so my boss didn't check on me much unless i wasn't getting my work done. Time felt like was moving so slow and I didn't feel connected to myself or reality. Don't worry man you will eventually build up a tolerance and it will eventually just become more of a relaxing and mellow felling.
  13. It would do you well to make sure you don't have anything planned before toking up.

    Other than that, make sure you are in familiar settings and have something set up that you would enjoy (food, TV, games, lounging, sleep) so that you aren't stressed and aren't making your brain do too much thinking or decision-making.

    I've struggled with anxiety while high and my top 2 rules are to be prepared, and to constantly remind myself that I'm just high.
  14. #14 fattard, May 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Its not a given, mental health can be tricky
  15. Panic attacks are quite common with smoking weed. When I started back smoking after a good 8-10 years away and I got completely fucked up a few times and started to panic, but then I was able to maintain control of my conscious mind and really relax. Loss of control is a major source of anxiety for many people, being able to let go and just flow with the sensation is difficult for some. I used to not have a problem with it, but as I got older it became an issue. I have since learned to just let go and enjoy the sensation.

    If things are that bad you could always convince your doctor to prescribe you some Xanax to help you deal with the panic attacks brought on by the withdrawal of alcohol. Weed and Xanax go together quite nicely. :p
  16. it seems like you may need a little bit of self examination and re-evaluation and maybe try to be okay sober for a little while...
    i think in order to really enjoy weed you need to be mentally healthy, and if you were drinking to the point of causing liver problems it seems you may have been in some sort of destructive thinking pattern for a little while, and you cant treat weed the same way you treat other drugs or alcohol, it has to be treated with respect or your gonna have a bad time
  17. With the quality of weed most of us can get these really only need 2 good hits to feel it. I can get perfectly buzzed and functional from one good pull from my little bubbler. Take a couple puffs...then wait for it...
  18. You guys ever get twitches when your really high? I have had that too. When I lie down after starting to get a little panic I get twitches in my legs and arms.
  19. I sometimes get a similar feeling, its called being really really high. Embrace it, and be proud that you bought some seriously good product. I have also have had periods of feeling spacey for a few days after smoking a lot. The only time I ever freaked out was on some high-power synthetic stuff (Mary Joy Green). It pwned me and made everything seem fake.

    First post here!
  20. You're probably too hyped up. I know people who have been to 'excited' and have ended up suffering panic attacks because they were all hyped up, nervous and excited at the same time.

    Just smoke less and chill out, and if you think you can handle more, smoke a little more..

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