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  1. Could anyone fill me in on what changes or updates were made today?
  2. Yeh i would like to know as well, apparently Grass city went under maintenance, so what changed what did they do :confused:
  3. Maintenance happens from time to time, there might not be any changes that will be noticeable to us.

    Personally I'm hoping for a snack machine in the lobby, though. :smoking:
  4. must have been to make the site slower, it worked great !

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    Yeah. All I've noticed is it takes about 10-25 seconds to loads threads and refresh on my iTouch now. Used to be pretty instantaneous.
  6. It's really slow it takes me about 5 minutes to load a page or make a post. And yeh i think a snack machine and a pool table would be great :D

    Also i have noticed that the smiley's have moved around.
  7. I thought it might just be me...I reset all my equipment, but it's still about as fast as running with quicksand up to your waist...

    Hopefully it'll improve...;)
  8. I feel like it's getting a little faster. Idk.

  9. And a plasma screen would be nice. :cool:
  10. It felt faster for a split second but now it's back to lagging.

  11. It's like going in and out kind of for me. I think it's fixed and almost post about it, but then it takes in excess of 2 minutes to load the Reply to Thread box. lol
  12. it only lets me get into this maintenance thread :) lol
  13. No visible change has been done. Forums were closed when we were investigating the cause of the earlier downtime
  14. I noticed a little heart shows up on posts people have liked. New, no?
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    I think they must've updated the VBulletin software because it's standard on other forums I've seen.
  16. Nah, I'm pretty sure the vB software is still the same.

    I think there was a vote a while ago about whether we should use the hearts or the little dudes for the "like" thing. People decided on the little dude icon.

    Not sure why it's changed back to the heart. Coulda been unintentional, or maybe gnik is just fuckin' with us. ;):D
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    :confused_2: I tried, I really did.

  18. Well, you FAILED! :mad:

    Lol, I'm just kidding dude. You're fine. ;):D
  19. JD what do you mean about the Heart :confused: all i see is a little dude :confused:
  20. Hmm did i mistakenly replaced little dudes ? They still show up correct for me. let me save them and re issue them as soon as possible. Not tonight though , will go and relax some , have some fuel for tonight :)

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