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    Hi Everyone,

    So PH has been something that i've never spent as much time paying attention to as I know I should.

    I always PH my Nutrient solution down to 5.8 and then just forget about it until the next nutrient change.

    My question is pretty simple.

    If I check my Nutrient solution in a day or 2 and its gone up (it always seems to go up) can I just remove the plant from the DWC, PH the water back down to 5.8-6.0ish and return the plant back to the setup?

    I dont have to mix an entire new batch of nutrients just to correct the PH do I?

    thanks everyone.

    PH 5.8
    PPM 378

    Thanks in advance to any helpful hints.
  2. So I'm on my first grow, but this seems to be working for me. Every day or two, I mix up a full bucket of nutrient solution at a PH that's around 5.5-5.9. I use the drops to test, and look for orangey-yellow coloring. then i take that bucket and use it to top up all of my reservoirs til they're just under the net pots I use cold water directly from my faucet to make this solution (PPM 80-100) and if I skip a day of feeding I will place a frozen water bottle into the reservoirs to cool off the solution until I can make some time to feed. I got tired of lifting plants out of their buckets to do complete res changes, so I figured that the cold slightly lower PH solution should offset any PH fluctiations or temperature swings that occur in the last 24-48 hrs. Now i'm not an expert by any means, but this seems to be working for me, and my plants have just started stretching out for flower and they look wonderful.
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  3. you mix up a fresh batch of nutrient solution every day? why?

    it only needs to be topped up with freshwater in between changes every 7-10 days.

    changing nutrient solution EVERY day would end up using TONS of nutrient and costing alot more in nutrient than is needed? seems like a waste

    am I the only one that thinks changing the Nutrient solution every day is really unnecessary?
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  4. is it okay to remove the plant from the DWC, PH the nutrient solution back down to 5.7 and add the plant back in?

    if this is unclear what i mean I can re word it if someone needs.

    thanks everyone,
  5. I am no hydro grower but I think you can just ph your res or bucket. It is natural for ph to rise though, if you didnt already know. And to answer your actual question yes when my brother in law did bubble buckets he would bring new nute water in a bucket and lift plant out and place in the new bucket. So the plants were removed from the water and placed back in plenty of times.
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  6. thanks for the reply man. yah I was aware of the natural swing of the PH to rise, by the end of the week when I changed Nutes it was 6.8 which is definetly to high.

    yah I'm not explaining my self well enough I dont think. I've ALWAYS just lifted the plant out of the bubble bucket, and put it in another bucket while I clean the bubble buckets/change the nutrient solution.

    but the way you put it "adding PH to the res or bucket" is definetly what I should have said hahaha.

    thanks for the reply! and for helping me out with the wording haha :)
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  7. SO, now that I know how to ask this thanks to @Popcorn is it okay to just add PH up/down to the res/bubble bucket inbetween nutrient changes to maintain a steady PH level? (5.8-6.2?) is ideal i believe

    thanks again everyone!
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  8. If you can not do that I would suggest putting new res water at 5.2 well see how much the swing is total and ph to lowest point possible, this way you will not go over that 6.5 mark you want to stay under.
    I also think(now remember I ain't no dummy but I am just saying my thoughts not facts) that you want the p.h. to be at different levels in a hydro system so the plant is able to uptake all the different nutes it needs. FACT- different nutes uptake at different ph levels, the one that I always remember is calcium best at 6.2
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  9. Ok dont put ph straight into res it will cause some type of negative reaction with the air stone.. here is a link to a thread somone else had the same question.
    Bubble bucket PH and temp
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  10. yah for sure different PH in hydro than in soil. and 10-4 i usually try to PH down as low as possible, because it ALWAYS has a swing up.

    thanks for the link it was funny and informative hahaha
  11. You need an easy way to get liquid out of your reservoir, and then back in.

    Topping off with fresh water between res changes will lower ppm away from the optimal amount you originally wanted.
    Topping off with a ppm fluid that gets your reservoir back to where you want it is the best strategy, but is more work, and might not matter too much.
    Saving money on nutes can be done by changing out reservoirs less often.
    Some people NEVER change the reservoirs.

    If you remove 1/2 - 1 gallon reservoir fluid, then add pH adjustment and nute adjustment to the removed water, the plant roots can handle the diluted stuff when you pour the fluid back in.

    You can avoid res changes altogether if you remove and replace a small amount each day or so, which can be conveniently done during res checks.

    1/2 gallon removed from a 5 gal bucket containing 3 gal usable fluid completely re-cycles the fluid in about a week or so. 1/4 gallon removed for testing, and then discarded and replaced with fresh, recycles in about 2 weeks.

    I've done full res changes, partial res changes, and zero res changes.
    I can't tell any difference, but I use 12 usable gal res.
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  12. I am not changing res solution every day. I am topping off with nute solution every day because it keeps res temps and PH fluctuation to a minimum, and my plants drink a shit ton of water. like 1.5gal per day

    EDIT: I also NEVER change res completely other than the times when my plants drink themselves dry. (OOPS :D) always just keep refilling res with nute solution. plants seem absolutely fine
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    Hi everyone,

    Noticed a bit of discoloring this morning on both of the DWC plants. I'm not sure what this is a sign of, my first assumption is either PH or CalMag.

    right now setup is as follows
    Ph Up&Dwn

    PPM is 380
    and I PH the down to 5.7ish

    when I checked what was in the buckets since last week had risen to 6.8

    So I switched out nutrient solution. got everything leveld back out to where it should be and will make sure to watch the PH much closer, and make sure I maintain a ph of 5.8-6.2

    last week I splashed some nutrient on the leaves so at frist i thought the discoloration might be from that. I'm really not sure.

    any ideas what the discoloration could be from? I'm guessing the PH problem I had this week or CalMag?

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 20190728_122602.jpg
  14. What kind of water are you using?
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    its Tap water, left out for 24+ hours with air stone/pumps

    and 6.7 PH
    before Nutrients and PH Up&Dwn

    I'm in Northern Canada, the water is legit clean enough/quality to drink straight out of the lake I live at.

    i'm about 100% sure its not the water source it self
  16. @GoldGrower any idea/suggestion on the above picture?

    thanks brother!
  17. It looks like splash damage to me. Did those patches start off green, but a duller lighter green than the leaves? If so it will be from when you wet the leaves
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  18. As for the pH adjustment and topping up...
    I used to fill the reservoir with a hose and then glug in some nutes to get the ppm back up to where I want it. Then put a few drops of pH down to lower it to around 5.0-5.5 and then over the next few days it would creep up to about 6.5. By then the reservoir would need topping up again. I only emptied the res for a full refresh when I changed from veg to flower but a few times I didn't change at all and never saw any problems
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  19. 10-4, I definitely got some nutrient solution on the leaves during the transplant last week. the plants seem healthy other than just the few marks on them. I kinda was thinking that it must have been some splash damage.

    and yes they went to a light green and then flipped to the rusty kind of look.

    thanks for the input man!

    as for the nutrient changes. I feel like I must be doing it different from most people. I've always switched out the nutrient solution completely 100% once a week and remixed a new solution. its been working but I feel like it might be more work than is needed.

    thanks again for the help!

  20. Yeah refreshing the reservoir like that is the traditional way of doing it. It was because people used to overdose a bit and as the plants drew up the nutrient solution, the remaining solution became more and more concentrated. This meant that after a few weeks the plants would become sick. So most people would change out their solution to prevent this.

    This wastes a lot of nutes so I prefer to match the concentration to what plants take up, this prevents the solution becoming too concentrated so unless your chosen nute brand is badly ballanced there shouldn't be any need to refresh it

    But if refreshing it works for you, you aren't doing anything wrong
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