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**Maine Pickups**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Phatsacks, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. 20 grams of Mobie Dick, reeallly sticky and fluffy

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  2. great find, also i have the same kind of scale as you, cept it weights up to 600g's
  3. Damn - I thought I was the original at throwing in a guitar pick for reference. Nice looking buds man.
  4. Good shit, I went to Maine before and was bored as fuck, if I had some of that bud it wouldve helped ALOT
  5. Yeah maine is a pretty boring state haha
  6. Hahaha I live in maine and a buddy of mine picked up a nic of that shit... dank as fuck!
  7. Good shit dawg, looks like yummy bud.
  8. nice ! maybe we live near each other
  9. Looks pretty dank. How much did that cost you? And where in Maine are you?
  10. Wish I had some. Looks fire.
  11. 25 grams for 350
  12. Looks dank... but that price is out of my range haha

    not even an oz??? that's fucking lame. Doesnt Maine have a pretty good medical scene too? That price is jacked man... so you pay what like 380-400/oz? Ridiculous... but if you can afford it... go for it i guess :eek:
  13. #15 youngstoner, Aug 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    im heading up to maine in a week :smoke:
  14. yeah man, the prices are almost always 400 an oz and 60 an 1/8 here in maine for the high end weed. Normal chrons though i can get for about 350/oz
  15. Your paying a little more then I do. I can get dank at 50 an eighth. Mids are around 25 an eighth. But who wants those :p

  16. Theoreticly we have a great medical program. But a lot of the dispenseries haven't even opened yet, due to financial bullshit, and lawsuits against the people funding. However there should be one opening within 3 weeks, and then another the month after, which will deffinetly lower prices.
  17. Good to hear... as you guys are opening shops most the ones in Montana are closing due to SB423... there are still a few in town that advertise and accept new patients... but i heard they arent all that great. O well at least my people's caregiver just closed her shop and started a delivery service... which is better than none at all... except for the fact that it takes more than a couple hours for her to show up.

    I wish politicians werent so biased... :(
  18. yeah i get mids for 30 and eighth

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