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  1. Anyone have a strain that works well in a climate such as Maine that will produce large yeilds and is a strong/easy plant to grow? I've been hearing Big Bud, any other suggestions?
  2. I am also interested in this, being from maine.

    probably wont be warm here til may, I'm guessing I'll plant then.
    thats all I know from now, I'm gonna germ some bag seed come late april

    any strains that dont take long to grow, because the summer\spring in maine is VERY short lived.
  3. Basically Im looking to set up a grow space in a closet to get the seed started, then once it finally gets warm transporting it outside, because I've heard bad stories about people tryin to start outside and their crop not beating out the cold.
  4. yeah, definatly going to make sure I have some strong youngin's before I transplant them outdoors...

    I've also thought about just constantly moving them into bigger buckets as needed.. or should I just dig a hole in the ground..

    not sure how to go about it
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    I'm a bit south of you, MA. 46 lat. I've been looking into a bunch that looked good, Easy Sativa, Mendocino Madness?, skunk #1 (I believe, Soma seeds). Greenhouse AMS (anti-mold system), Nirvana Aurora Indica. Possibly Himalyan Gold from Greenhouse. Maroc, Leb27 (which I'm not sure what that is exactly), a couple of the Mandala strains. And theres always autoflowers too. I've only personally ran bagseed though, wet and cold weather made me harvest around Sept 20 last year with still some mold.

    Last year I had them growing for a while indoors and never ended up flowering them, they were in 3 gallon buckets for a couple weeks but went into the ground, more room = more roots = more bud
  6. I'm growing in Maine this year and going with atleast White Widow, Ice, Crystal, and Northern Lights. (plus whatever free seeds I get.) We'll see what works out.
  7. I'm at 48 degrees Lat. right on the Canadian border. Am trying Hollands Hope, 100% Indica and mold resistant. It has a shorter growing season. This strain was developed at this Latitude.........Good Luck
  8. im in maine, growing EVA Nexus this year, and a lot of dank bagseed
  9. dont go by this. i ordered purple power its a waste of time. its mostly sativa so it grows long and stretchy. it also doesnt do well in short grow season such as ours. go with a mostly indica variety and go with one that is fairly if not very mold resistant. either that or an autoflowering one.
  10. Had great luck with aurora indica last year. Finished mid sept. and great result. Good luck

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