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Maine Glass

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by MaineCronic, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I've been toking for 4 years now, and been a medical patient for 3 months.

    Here is my Zob with 10 arm diffuser, 2 foot HBG (Hand Blown Glass) Cali Certified, and then a custom stemless made by my local headshop.

    In the background is the beginning of my grow. This picture was taken a little over a month ago.

    Just for a reference this is how they look now, 3 weeks into flower


    As for my other toking tools, here they are. Sorry these are bad quality, i used a different camera. I also just bought an Extreme Q vape, it is amazinggggggggg.

  2. Nice looking collection and I really love the scenery ;)
  3. Nice plants. I am going to hafta show these pics to a friend of mine who grows also a mmp. He won't use a hps bulb because they create to much "heat" can't convince him 600watts doesn't get hot. He uses the t5 fluoro bulbs 16 of them for a total of 864 watts of light and his plants look about half size of yours when they are finished flowering. He also thinks they get to hot tho an keeps the lights about 4 n half feet from the tops of the plants. He has the same grow hut as yours just double the size I think
  4. Nice! I've lived in Maine most of my life, what head shop do you use? I sadly live in the South because of occupational reasons. What do you have for tents? I'm trying to plan out whether I want to buy 2 tents for veg and flowering or one veg tent and build a flower room. Thanks for sharing
  5. I use Nice Dreams in Brunswick, and Blazin' Aces in Portland. Nice dreams is my favorite though.

    I have the HTG Supply Original AgroMax Grow Tent, its 39x39x79 inches ... it BARELY fits these 6 plants (3 indica, 1 sativa, 2 auto flower) After this harvest, I will be upgrading to a tent AT LEAST 2x the size of this and use it for flower, and veg in the one I have now.

    Currently running 600w HPS. New tent will me a 1000w HPS

  6. HPS does create a lot of heat, but with an inline fan with a speed controller, its never been an issue for me, even in that little tent.
  7. Yeah that is what I'm talking about. A simple fan an that small of a tent an still no heat issue. After seeing the measurements on that tent I would say his is 3 times that big so heat from a 1000watt wouldn't even be a problem.
  8. you ever meet stephen king?
  9. [quote name='"shitloaf"']you ever meet stephen king?[/quote]

    Bangor is such a kickass name for a city

  10. lol, Maine stereotypes. I've lived here for 18 years, and the closest I've been to him was behind him in line at a Shaw's Deli. The outside of his Bangor house is so sweet though.

    Good to see some fellow Maine tokers though!
  11. Funny you say that .. I have. I stayed at the Stephen King Childrens Ward at eastern maine medical, and the reason why I was there, is the reason why I have my maine medical license. It was brief, about 9-10 years ago ... but I have!
  12. Stephen Kings house in Bangor is sweet. I think Bangor sucks though. He has a wicked nice house on Kezar Lake which I've fished a bunch of times.
  13. Sounds as though your friend is keeping his fluoros too far away, and he also needs to get his ventilation in order. 864 watts of fluorescent light is about 51,000 lumens. 600 watts of HPS light, is 64,000 lumens, and in my experience even lumen for lumen, HPS still out-performs.

    But even with his current set-up, if he could manage to keep his lights 70% - 80% lower and closer to the canopy, he'd see a marked improvement.

    This may help him change his mind though, about switching light systems...

    150w incandescent = 2,550 lumens or only 17 lumens per watt

    150w halogen = 3000 lumens or 20 lumens per watt

    150w of Fluorescents = 9,000 lumens or 60 lumens per watt

    150w of Compact Fluorescents = 10,500 lumens or 70 lumens per watt

    150w Metal Halide = 13,500 lumens or 90 lumens per watt

    150w High Pressure Sodium = 16,000 lumens or 107 lumens per watt

    He should also keep in mind that, especially with more intense lighting, he can cut his temperatures down greatly just by keeping his ballast/s outside the actual grow space, in a separate but adjacent room.
  14. I used a 600w HPS from day one, my babies seemed to love it.
  15. He is using the T5 54watt tubes. They say the have a 5,000 lumen output
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