Main stem of my plant snapped help?

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  1. I was moving the plant and I broke my baby:( Some of the leaves have already started to wilt. Will she survive? What can I do to save her?

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  2. i have no experience with growing but i would suggest tying it to a stick to help it grow straight, like a crutch to lean on
  3. I would tie a popsicle stick to the stalk and in a few days it will form a strong knuckle.
  4. Tape it up, masking tape, even duct tape, It'll be fine.
  5. Morange has got it. Just support it, and it will heal up just fine. Leaves above the break may wilt for a day or two. You basically just supper cropped your plant. You will probably end up liking the results. Of course you are usually more delicate when doing so, but it should work.
  6. immediately get some cloning gel or cloning powder and save it. now you'll get two plants instead of one :)

  7. not to mention that you just knocked back your harvest 1 or 2 weeks . takes about that long to repair
  8. make it a clone
  9. tape her up
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    I`ve had a stem crack before but never almost completely break through like that. Tall bamboo plant stake cut down to size to support it then tape the broken area. Use string or twist ties to secure the upper broken part of the stem inline with the lower half. Never thought of using some cloning gel on the broken part before but it does sound like it would help like someone else mentioned above. For tape I used duct tape, it was handy at the moment and is stronger. I always use bamboo plant stakes to help support main stems whether indoor or outdoors. I would also pick up some SuperThrive and add a little to your next water and or feed cycle, it helps reduce plant stress.

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