Main Cola on my 8 week old SLH broke is the rest of my plant O.K.???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by digger00, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So about the top 8 inches of the main cola on my super lemon haze tipped over and broke, so I snipped it off. Now I would assume the rest of the plant is still good to go and I should finish the flower cycle. It is about 54 days in, I was planning this plant for about a 76 day flower cycle. Has this happened to anyone out there and what would your suggestion be.:smoking:
  2. It may be to late now, but you could attempt to graph it back on. But I would let the rest finish with flowering, it should help beef up your remaining flowers. :(
  3. Gardenmaster,

    I happened to look at one of your grows, (the super lemon haze) I noticed you had something that looked like garden fence over the top. I'm guessing that is to prevent the branches from breaking and giving them some additional support? Thanks for your input.:bongin:

  4. No problem, it is a rabbit fence. It's for the SCROG technique, very helpful with SLH. Hope yours turns out OK.

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