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  1. So last week, i think Saturday night it was, my neighbors mother in law backed her 2013 mustang into my mailbox . it broke the wooden post at the bottom, so we're gonna pour some concrete in and put a piece of rebar before it , so if it happens again it'll fuck some shit up.
    This is the second time we've had these neighbors do this in the five years I've lived here. The first time was some guy drunk in a big truck. Anybody else ever have a similar problem lol ?

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  2. sorry to hear about your troubles. this song goes out to you

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    What's wrong with a letterbox in your front door lol
  4. I guess it saves the postmen walking up the drives

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  5. Just cant get the staff these days

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  6. canadian mail boxes are built solid. american mail boxes are pussy shit. #truth
  7. When I lived in Stillwater, Ok, I took 2 of those curbside brick double mailbox stands out at Whitebarn Estates. The good old days. 
  8. Back in the day, we'd play drive by mailbox baseball.
  9. and thats what pisses me off, they have a Canadian mailbox box and i can't knock it down like they did my wooden American, dirty cocksuckers. My neighbors, canadians are cool

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  10. Sounds like you should ask them to at least pay for the concrete mix..especially since it's the second time it's happened from the same neighbors.
  11. Such a cool story! Tell it again!
  12. You know you can get them to pay for the repairs right?  They have to replace it, not you.

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