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Maijuana Manners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PepperySkin, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys and gals, a quick question for everyone here.

    Whenever I get a dub, I go through my friend Tyler who has a good friend who is our middle man.

    Here's my problem: The middle man is SO ANNOYING.

    He's very greedy with pot, always sneaking bits and pieces off dubs he gets for others (I've seen him do it), never has money to smoke me out or Tyler but he ALWAYS insists we smoke HIM out, etc etc.

    So the last time I got a dub from him it was very strong. So as soon as he hands me the bag he says "Ohhey, you should give me a nug of that since I got it for you."

    . . . I don't think that's fair. And here's the reason why.

    Whenever I get pot I *always* smoke some of it with these boys. I mean *always*. And I'm constantly drive this kid around. Do I really need to smoke him AND give him a nug?

    I'm grateful he is my middle man, but angry because he's so . . . irritating.

    What do you think? Am I being a bitch or is he kind of greedy?

    Thanks, guys.
  2. If your story holds true, he is extremely greedy.

    Find a new connect, or try to get introduced directly to his guy.
  3. well dude honestly i think you are doing the right thing by smoking him up (which you in NO way HAVE to do) but for him to ask you for bud and get mad if you say no is ridiculous. it's YOU'RE money and YOU'RE gas (which these days is expensive as hell in itself) so in my opinion, no, you should not be obligated in any way to fork over YOU'RE bud just because he gets it for you. just keep smokin him up whenever you can and if he doesn't appreciate that then i'm sure you can find a better connection. they aren't hard to find by any means if you know where to look.

  4. ;-; I knew it. *SIGH* No, seriously he's always like that.

    Ugh. I love Tyler, he's so nice and ALWAYS finds the best weed for me. But damnit all, I hate his friend. T_T I'll ask him if we can start finding someone else. I know he has other connections.

  5. #5 Saint Dogg, Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2008
    Don't give him shit if being a middle man is to much work for him he shouldn't have agree'd to do it in the first place... I'd start looking for a new connect or see if one of your friends that knows him has the number of who he buys from. Plus if you have watched him cut sacks what makes you think he isn't pulling the same shit on you?

  6. Very true. Good faith, I guess.

    But in all honesty, I thought he wouldn't do it to me because I'm such a good friend of Tyler's and he wouldn't pull shit like that with him. . .

    I'll have a talk with a few friends, you're all right. I'm tired of this guy and his greed.

    Thanks, guys.
  7. id say he is queit greedy as other posters have already said. keep him around long enough to cut him out and meet his dealer or simply find a new connect. hope this helps.
  8. dont let anyone tax your weed fuck that dude hes a scrub. thats what we call em around here.
  9. man nothing is more irritating than getting a baggie and weighing it to find out that the guy pinched some of your bud.

    that just happened to me with my last pick up; i got a 1/4 for $80 (cause i knew it was good bud and there wasn't anything else around) but when I pay that price I expected to get full weight. When I weighed it i had 4.5g.

    The bag had gone through 2 middle men before it got to me. I was ok with the second guy smoking a j out of it, but he would have only smoked like .5g, the guy before him would have pinched 2g, that's just not acceptable.

    I am completely ok with either smokin up my contact, or givin a small joint or two, but when somebody pinches 2g. That's over the top.

    Basically i'm not going to go through this guy again.

  10. Mr. Lennyjr speaks the truth!! LOL
  11. kill that ******, take your nugs back, and fuck the police
  12. . . . . Wow, guys, thanks so much for the support! Now I know I wasn't just being a whiny bitch. :D

    Thanks. I'll be sure to say if anything interesting happens, maybe I'll call him out on it or when I find a new connection.

    Happy smoking! <3
  13. yea dude i usually only use a middle man once and get connected right to the dealer. and by the way hes just a leach smoking him out is enough
  14. hes being a greedy bitch
  15. Yeah, see if you can get straight to the dealer. That kid's one greedy fucker, so it'd probably be best if you just cut him out of the deals.
  16. Wow dude that seriously sucks reminds me of one time when I was gonna pick up from my main guy (who usually has at least a quap usually more) and he didn't have anything so brought me to another guy who shorted me at least 1.5gs but he gave me it for free on my next sack i got from him cuz he felt bad.
  17. No you don't have to constantly smoke him up
  18. Refuse to smoke him out and tell him he's a complete asshole.
  19. dude, i dunno bout you, but the dudes i chill with are somewhat giving. we smoke each other out a lot. but if someone bullshits and sneaks or some gay shit, its not pretty.
  20. dude its 2008 .. if you drive him around he should be giving you bits and peices of his bags not the other way around man.

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