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  1. Hi derr,
    I am new to this whole thing but I've been checking out the forums and there seems to be a lot of good info and like minded people.  As a first time grower, I read all the horror stories of people w/ their various problems of temperature, ph, nute-lockouts, spider-mites, hermaphroditing, pollination and pesky bambi...and I was almost turned off from trying...but I persevered :p.  I didn't really document the process, don't remember when it was started, don't follow a nutrient feeding schedule...I think its like week 3 or 4 of vegetative lol.  I use canna nutrients at about 900ppm, ph 5.5 and tap water.  Theres other additives like DutchMaster Envelope, GH humic acids, etc. at proper concentrations.  I use 2 led lights-a 240 watt 6 spectrum(ir, uv)and a 300-watt 8 spectrum-these are what make this kind of grow possible.  No way to pull it off in this area 2x3.5x6ft with a ballast light of similar least without ridiculous heat.  Its a hydroton dwc with 2 aquarium bubblers in a muffler box I built because the sound was driving me crazy...
    Problems I've had so far:  Light proximity to topside has caused a little wilting at points(but for some reason the plants with most light stress seem to "smell danker"-I've read that thc/cbd/cbn concentrations can be affected by stress on plants-perhaps an insecticide, or hormonal stabilizer for plant?).  I've had a fan I was using snap one of the clones early on with just the breeze generated...yeah that was dumb...  Overheating problem because the inline duct fan I was using is underpowered...solved by moving an extra fan to duct to effectively "supercharge" the airflow.  I got spider mites from I built a co2 enrichment system in a 5 gallon bucket-first used baking soda+vinegar to flood w/Co2 to suffocate the little f*ckers; then a caramelized solution with yeast for continuous c02(caramelized is more stable, last longer, more co2 than regular sugar solutions).  I've started running into a problem with either calcium or molybdenum shortage due to tap water being exhausted, but I think I'll just supplement with CalMag and avoid doing a flush till flower.  Getting the SCroG up in there was a b*tch...I had to build it inside the space.  I've also had a problem with wanting to sample the leaves...they don't burn very well...
    Steps I've taken to forestall annoying dwc problems: DWC is completely light sealed-light is #1 cause of root rot as it lets algae grow.  I also have a UV water filter that kills micro-organisms that I run every week for 2 days, and treat it with hydrogen peroxide when I feel like it.  I have an extra pump in the muffler box that I hook up when I can deal with the extra noise and as a backup. 
    So yeah, my first grow so far has been pretty exciting-I actually never imagined I'd ever grow this stuff.  But through doing research, and finding all of the medical applications(potential to cure cancer-government studies lol)I think this is something I will be doing for a while.  Let me know what you guys think, and any improvements I could make/stuff I should watch out for.  Also questions if you have any.  Input is appreciated!


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