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Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, May 24, 2003.

  1. If things go right today, I'll be picking up a half oz of mushrooms at around 3:30.. I'm splitting it with my friend, so we will each have a quarter. I've never done mushies before, so I was thinking the first time I would eat half an eighth, and not sure how I'll eat the rest. The question is this- will half an eighth get me high enough to have a good time? I've heard from a few people that it will, but I want to confirm it with some experienced shroomers. Thanks!

  2. half an 1/8 was perfect for my first trip... then the second time i moved to a full 1/8... and tripped my balls off... i would recommend easing into it... a half an 1/8 will still give you some serious visualizations and hallucinations.. plus you will be able to trip another day with the leftovers :)
  3. Wow thats awesome, now shrooms dont seem so expensive anymore.

  4. Shrooms are so fucking expensive where I live anywhere from 20-35 bucks a gram.. so i've never boought any.. and they're not around too much either..
  5. here its like 25-40 dollars for an 1/8, but im supposed to be picking up a half oz tonight (have to wait until the guy is off work now, 9 or 10 :() for 100 dollars.

  6. i reccoment pushing the limit for a first trip.

    it's your first trip! you only get one first trip. dont waste it on a half assed attempt... go the whole hog and take as much as you dare. ...and then some more.

    and remember... get your set and setting right.
  7. eat nothing the day you take them, except maybe a few bananas for the seratonin (the chemical in your brain that keeps you happy... its kinda like the WD40 for the brain too).

    do things that make you happy, stay away from people who dont. stay away from large numbers of people too.

    and take loads! :D heehee.

    where's nubbin... he usually has the best advice on this topic.

    once you've taken them just relax and do something you'll enjoy and get focussed on (like reading, drawing or watching a movie), it will help stop you being anxious about it.
  8. i would eat a whole 1/8, just to be safe that it works... i dont think half an 1/8 will do shit.... but dont listen to me, i have only tripped once off of shrooms.

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