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  1. i didnt see AN iguana juice on the oregon stop sales list, so i did a quick search. it took me a few minutes to find some details, albeit in preschool level:

    "These organic ingredients are loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients and growth enhancing extracts that force your plants to do exactly what you want them to do as soon as possible.

    This unique formulation guarantees to improve how nutrients are transfer from the root zone directly into your plants. "

    the label reads: Dr. Hornby's Iguana juice contains a fish base from the super clean ice cold waters of the far north pacific ocean, plus over 70 minerals, krill extract, yucca extract, earthworm castings, volcanic ash, kelp meal and alfalfa extract"

    and apparently according to this the worst thing about it is it 'inactivates enzymes'

    Besides the 50$ price tag on 1L, what's the catch? :confused:

  2. I'll have to recuse myself - this one's too easy.

    Is this from FatBoy Mike by any chance?

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    smells like snake oil....

    Wait! Did you say it was magical! :D
  4. Let's look at this product from their description:

    All of those elements, minerals, whatever term you want to use are contained in either kelp or alfalfa meal.

    Done. Finis.

    Sales patter - means absolutely nothing.

    Yeah - that's where much of the commercial fishing takes place in the Pacific Ocean - way up north. It might be fish emulsion or it could be fish hydrolysate, krill oil (cheap, cheap) yucca extract (yawn), EWC, glacial rock dust, kelp and alfalfa meal.

    You could make this for about $1.50 for a gallon. Even with ordering krill oil.

    "Nice work if you can get it"

  5. Yeah, but I could never come up with such a slick sounding marketing package to go with it! That's gotta be worth at least $40. ;)
  6. If I was going to develop a line of 'nutes' (complete with a PDF outlining my nute program!) then I would go with far better names than those currently used.

    Something like "Big Schlong Nutes" ("How did they ever get that whole thing on the label?") or "Get-A-Fly-High Bud Booster" - something with both panache and which will also appeal to recent recipients of a middle-school diploma.

    it's what the buzz is all about


  8. LD do you think it's too late to harvest stinging nettles? I know where a valley with them is, it's about a 15 minute drive I'm thinking about making some tea to help my friend fight back the mites. Worth a try?
  9. Absolutely - harvest it and use it. Time of year doesn't matter as long as the plant is alive (i.e. it hasn't frozen).

    Good find - you'll be impressed with the results.

  10. Thanks. My friend's a long time AN/synthetic nute einstein oil and superthrive user. I called him today he was upset I disturbed him in his 'no internet' militant cave. I said lets kick it he said No I don't kick it with any one ANY ONE. Kind of grumpy (to say the least) but I don't blame him. it must be frustrating to spend thousands of dollars on nutrients and pesticides and still see your small garden go to $hit. But I know he suffers from the mites and where he lives so maybe I'll ferment some root/plant matter, take it over and try encourage him with tales of a way gardening was done before the invention of the hydro store.
  11. My plants are growing so fucking fast, I might have to buy some of that advanced nutrient stuff to slow them down, lol.

    I don't know how many crops of ganja, i have harvested over my 50+ years, but i never had the health and vigor as when i use homemade compost/castings. Making and using these guys is the very best thing you can do in your garden. This cycle adding dried botanicals (quick bubble) in teas has lead to explosive growth, almost scarey. My canopy has grown ten inches in the first ten days of flower and is not slowing down one iota (see pic)

    Now if your growing your own botanicals, and composting or vermi composting botanicals, your at the head of the class. I doubt any bottle could match that. Forget deficiencies and toxities.....MIW


  12. ^^^^^word
  13. Super Thrive cures AIDS...

  14. But only if you mix it with Dolomite Lime and molasses!!
  15. And PH balance it.

  16. I checked the run-off when I watered last night and I'm running a 6.8 pH - so it's off to the grow store to pick-up some pH "up" to get this looming disaster under control!

    A gardener's work is never done is it?

  17. Its horrible. My moisture meter broke recently. I have been having to manually check to see if I should water my garden or not.

    You know, your problem might not even be the PH, LD. Have you checked the TDS or PPM of your runoff?


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    Now I got it.


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  19. yeah i just use rainwater and piss. that works great!!!!

  20. Whoa, whoa, whoa, you don't need up, you need acid. And leave the soil alone.....MIW

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