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*Magical Brownies for Dummies*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by emrandel, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. This is officially the simplest and possibly tastiest way to make special brownies:

    Requires: Peanut Butter; Brownies from Backery; Microwave

    Alright, so go to your local grocery stores bakery department and buy a tray/box of brownies for a couple of bucks. When you have them at home slice them horizontally so it represents the slices for a sandwich. Then butter them up with some peanut butter, not too much but enough so that everything is covered thickly without gooing. Then sprinkle anywhere from .5 to 1 gram of bud onto the peanut butter... make sure it's very finely ground (almost like flower) and slap those brownie peanut butter n pot sandwiches together.

    Now pop them each into the microwave seperately for 1:30 and as soon as they're done, take them out, wrap them in aluminum foil and pop them into the fridge. You don't have to put them in the fridge but it helps the THC settle in the fat lipids of the peanut butter.

    Now, next morning wake up and eat one on an empty stomache... should kick in between 30-60 minutes later and last you a good part of the day. Smoking a bowl, or even just a hit half an hour or so after eating might help it come on quicker and be more intense.

    You can experiment with different times and different amounts of weed. I've heard of medical patients using a comparable method and highly potent dank to get their fix off of around .1g.

    If you WANT to use an oven... 10-15 min. at 250-300F will work. Temps and times with the oven are very vague because this isn't a deeply explored field of preparing MJ for digestion.

    When I did this personally, I used about .3g (a bowl) and I was comfortably high for 6 hours.

    When perfected this

    Good Luck and Enjoy!

    P.S. - Everyone who tries this please post your experience including any changes you made and how it effected you. Pictures are very welcome, I would add my own if I hadn't sat on my digi cam when I was stoned.

    P.P.S. - Mods, if this turns out to be a successful and popular thread may I suggest it be stickied seeing as how valuable an opportunity this simple to prepare MJ for digestion maybe for the gen. pop. which may not have the resources to bake other MJ preperations, make cannabutter, tinctures or prepare the MJ in a more complicated fashion.

    On a last note: With questions please PM me and if I don't know the answer I'll post it in the thread, that way everything stays nice and clean and people can easily explore any recordered experiences in the future.
  2. Hehe... silly stoner. I'm not quite sure why you're laughing...
  3. damn....i might do this for 4/20.

    since its a special day i might put about 3 grams of dank on each brownie...muwahahahahaha :yummy: :hippie:
  4. interesting. firecrackers but a brownie instead of a cracker. firebrownies.
  5. Wykid... watch out... a guy ate about 2 - 2.5 grams once and I'm not sure if he was just really sensitive to it but he was a vegetable for the rest of the day and night. I recommend you test your limits first.

    Sodomizedjello - That's an awesome name! FireBrownies... it's very catchy.
  6. dddammmnn im definitly gonna make some of these for 4/20.....ill have some money then and will definitly make some to last us all fucmin day and more!!! hahahah sweet

    + rep for the simple/easy recipe!!! its definitly better for me than most others!
  7. the reason i say 3 grams is because my hook made some brownies with my friend....HE PUT IN AN OUNCE of dank :eek: and cut the batch up into 8 brownies. my friend said that was the most high he has ever been. well see tho...4/20 is just around the corner, but still some time left to figure out what imma do.
  8. Oh yeah... it'll be the most high you've ever been. But believe it or not, that could be un-enjoyable. If you do this make sure you have NOTHING else to do that day. Be it go to classes, work, pick someone up, make dinner... move. Anything.
  9. Do you recomend .5-1 gram for each brownie? I'm tryin it out tomorrow, just picked up 2 O's.
  10. dead_head... Yes, that's correct. I recommend .5-1g for each brownie. It's better to put .5 in each and eat one and if you want more just eat another. This is assuming it's good dank btw. I've never tried it with schwag so I'm not sure what to expect with that.
  11. I'm totally trying this
  12. what about very good mids? It's not schwagg, but it isn't kind bud either.

    EDIT: I'm just gonna try it with .8 each (one for me and one for my friend) and I'll tell you how it goes. My school is having a debate over herb tomorrow and I wanna be blazed for the whole thing. It's going to be written about in high times, so check your future mags for Ohio Wesleyan.
  13. Wow, I like this recipie, perfect for a small little personal brownie, and damned easy. All I'm missing is brownies, definately the first thing I'm doing tommorow.
  14. dude +rep man this is a genius idea i think im gonna do it and u only need like .5g! thats excellent cuz im a lil dry right now and im sick w/ a sore throat so smoking isnt an option for me:hello:
  15. The whole thing just melted. We saved it and threw it in the fridge, but I'm not feeling optimistic
  16. what power was the microwave you used set at?

    mine can go anywhere from 400-1000watt, so it makes quite a diffrence.
  17. +rep man. This is a really great walkthrough, and an even better method of cooking special brownies! And the fact that .3g of dank had you going for as long as it did makes me want to try it even more. .3g of dank in a bowl = comfortably high for 2ish hours. that means that you get three times a bigger bang for your buck. In fact, I might try this today. I just made a Waterfall Bong out of an oberweis glass milk container. HUGE. But I have my 'wait until 4:20PM to smoke' rule still standing. 2:45PM now, so i have around 1hour 35min before I can fire up my first bowl of the day.
  18. Wow... I don't know what to say... about your microwave that is. I've never had that happen. As long as none of weed was exposed... it should still get you. Although now I'm worried about people having so many different power microwaves.

    Well, we'll have to experiment with temperatures and try and get brownies that aren't sooo... meltable? I've never had this problem so I'm not sure what to say.
  19. Generally you keep an eye on the stuff in the microwave, any sign of melting or popping you should shut it off.

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