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  1. So me and a buddy where doing a little grow with one plant in a speaker box . we used 100 watt fluros and some tomato soil . After about 2 weeks the plant got frail and kinda pail , so we put it outside to get some real light .(its winter) It was a warm day kinda so i thoght it was all good but the next day it snowed so i put it in a dog kennel in a closet with no light or anything. a week past and we forgot all about it till today i was hitting a huka and remember it , so i went to go get it and to my surprise the plant grew about 3 more inches . Vary green and healthy lookin , and ITS A GIRL . I know it wolt bring a yeild at all , maybe a half bowl pack :D . So my question is , is this not unusual or do i have a " Magic Plant":smoking:?
  2. I cant say your case is common, but marijuana is one resilient plant! It's known to recover
    from serious breaks in the stem and she will withstand all sorts of physical abuse and come
    right back. It's called weed I guess for that reason! :)

    You could put that plant back in your box under 24/0 light and have it revert back to the
    veg state if you wanted to grow it big man. I've done it and so have others, usually after
    harvest though. Look into "re-vegging" -- it works!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
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    thanks for the info . i have her under the 100 watt again and i gave her a little hydro nutes (dont know if thats good or not becuase shes in soil) . But yea I hope she comes along .

    Tryin to find a camra to get you guys some pics.

    After harvesting? so i could get that bowl pack off and grow her some more ? thats amazing . Ill read up on that .

    Can u tell this is my first grow Lol.
  4. Check out this thread. It's primarily an exchange between myself and growyerown while
    we revegged both of our plants.

    Yeah, I can tell. :) It's cool man.. we all started out same as you!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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