magic mushroom kits

Discussion in 'General' started by Foundas, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. hey guys.

    did any of you tried these kits?

    if so, are the mushrooms any good? some kits say that to expect a yield from 150 gr. to 250grams

    if you cut all of them, do they grow back again or is it an one-time use??
  2. I was thinkin the same thing....

    I'm not gonna splash out £35 for a one of thing which may not even be that good.....
  3. I bought one and my first attempt didnt give me any mushrooms, I havent tried to restart a batch yet. But it is still difficult.

    Go here and learn how without the kit. Something i should have done.
  4. there is a great side with photos and the whole procedure on how to grow mushrooms. but you have to use a Spore syringe. How on earth are you going to pass a syringe throu customs or even send it via mail!!!!! Even the color of the substance is brown just like a shot of heroin.

    this is the site.

    i think i'll stick to the ready kits. I'm not going to risk passing a syringe throu customs


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