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Magic Flight Launch Box

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thugalug, May 15, 2010.

  1. been toking for a while now. just recently bought a vaporize (went a 4th on it w/ 3 other ppl). And the magic flight launch box is awesome (AKA the magic box, happy box, flight box)...Anyways its perfect, fits in my palm, uses very little weed to get you high, no smell, and its not smoke :)

    im baked right now and its so clean, just a happy seasoned toker (soon to try a volcano, heard those are crazzy) :hello::wave::smoking:
  2. i really want one, except 5min of drawing time, is that alot? how long does it take to get blasted considering i smoke everyday over 5 times? thanks.
  3. If you take 15 second hits like you should then you will be able to take 20 hits. That should be plenty for one sesh, but it's recommended to order at least one extra set of battery's.
  4. It definatly doesnt sound like you work for the magic flight launch box company...
  5. Caught me...

    There's a difference between experienced advice and advertising.
  6. just got a second batch of batteries from blissville, they charge em and gave me a quad case with a nice little handwritten note. Besides the fact the launch box is amazing the customer service makes me want to buy more :hello:
  7. ordering my launch box tonite, I'm very, very excited.
  8. I agree that the customer service is great. The hand written note is a nice touch. Also, they ship very fast. I buy a lot of stuff on line and nothing gets here faster than stuff from blissville. I made an order tuesday evening and it was in my hand by friday.
  9. #9 lwien, May 15, 2010
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    Wait. Someone gives good advice and it's assumed that he works for the company? :rolleyes:

    And if it's the OP you're referring to, I don't think that a LaunchBox employee is going to mention a Volcano in their post.

    While I agree that shills are active here, MagicFlight does not need to resort to those kinds of tactics and if you had any sense or knowledge of who this company is, you would agree that your implied statement is totally ludicrous.
  10. Sorry got another question, im new to vapes i smoke bowls and blunts annnnyway, how do you know when you cant get anything else out of the bud? thanks again.
  11. You should be able to taste the difference and depending on your temperature the bud may turn brown. Save vaped bud though because you can make editables if you get enough, :cool:.
  12. Well, depending on your vape, you can set your temp to just below combustion temp levels, than you can keep vaping till no more vapor is being produced. When that happens, you are done.

    Or.........the color of your ABV (already been vaped). If it is beginning to turn black, you have gone too far.

    Or..........the taste. If it starts tasting like burnt popcorn, it's done.
  13. #13 killermunchies, May 15, 2010
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    Basically what Blunt said. It will turn brown and start to taste different. When you stop seeing visible vapor when you exhale, it's almost done. After I stop seeing vapor come out, I usually take a few more rips and then put it away.

    Since you are new to vaping, you also have to remember that the vapor will be much less harsh and much less thick than smoke. When people use my vape who've never vaped before, they usually say they aren't getting anything when they most definitely are. Sometimes I still trick myself into thinking I'm not getting as much as I am. Even if it doesn't look like much, it will definitely get you high.
  14. thanks all, yall gettin +rep
  15. Somebody said you have to get 2500mAh batteries to go with it. Can you get 2700mAh? What are the batteries that come with it? The 2700's are supposed to last longer and they get good reviews on Amazon. The eveready and they duracell both have bad reviews but the Sanyo's have good reviews.

    How do you charge yours in a rapid or slow charger? I heard a review that said you should use the slow, but I am not that patient. It suggested your batteries won't last as long in a rapid charger. What do you think?

  16. The batteries have to be NiMh 2000mAh or higher
  17. def not a happy box rep lol

    batteries last quite a while, i usually take about 10 second hits. it suffices, getting you high, while also conserving batteries power, and making sure the bowl doesnt burn (youll know the battery get hots and you feel it in your lungs)

    the volcano was awesome! probably best high every, but it was a one time thing (for now, no money)

    smoke blunts everyday :p

  18. Nice. I can imagine sharing it with a couple other people would be annoying though unless you all vape together every time you vape. :p
  19. I should seriously write to them and tell them that I single handedly got about 75 people to buy a MFLB from my YouTube video. I have emails from people telling me I convinced them to buy it.

    I should get a commission check! :D

  20. You can't just use any battery. The ones that come with it work because they have no coating on the outside of them. You put the positive end in first and the side of the battery acts as the negative terminal. The negative end of the battery ever goes into the vape. You might be able to use other batteries if you peeled off the outside coating but I don't know for sure that that works.

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