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Magic Flight Launch Box or a 1/4 of dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DreamsFlyHigh, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So I know a guy that I could get a MFLB from for $75, but my friend said he could get me a 1/4 for $75 since his dealer will sell him 1/2 for $150 and we'd just split it.

    I'm saving my cash up for something so around $80 is all I can spend. I've got MAYBE a gram left, but I think I can probably go a decent while without smoking..

    So which should I go with? The MFLB (it's new and cheaper) or a 1/4?
    If anyone owns the MFLB, does it actually get you higher for less?
  2. get the MFLB and save weed. You save soooo much weed. And i think it gets you higher from what ive read. Again im not an owner just what ive read up. im saving for a purchase now.
  3. Go with the MFLB that gram of weed will last you till you can pick up again if you just use the MFLB.
  4. Id say the magic flight because it'll still be there long term. Plus if you need something stealth its perfect. Ganj comes and goes its not always you can get a deal on the mflb. Just try an talkem down man hah! Like 60.

    -I'm being Blunt.
  5. I'd say get the MFLB.

    In a few months it will pay for itself with the amount you save.

  6. Thanks everybody, I'd reply to all of you, but I'm on my phone.
    I'll definitely get the mflb :)
  7. I'd get the weed. You are gonna want to smoke that shit. Save up and get a MFLB when you have the money for both so you can enjoy both.
  8. get the MFLB, i own one and you can stretch that gram alot further than if you were smoking
  9. The launch box is nice. I bought it before I had even tried smoking, not my best idea in retrospect.

    It works pretty nicely but the screen inside is incredibly delicate, my only advice is to make sure you're gentle with it.

    In all honesty though, I'd go with the dank. It is still a pocket vape and I didn't find the effects worth the price tag.
  10. Does the mflb work? Assuming it does you need to ask yourself "do i want a different high and am i sure i'm going to like it?" Just look around on this forum and all the people saying they don't like vapes. Granted there are a lot who love vapes, me included but i don't know if i would buy that with low funds just in case i didn't like it at all. Also from what i see on here, people are hit or miss with mflb and even a couple of people didn't like vaping because they used the mflb and didn't like vaping until getting a better vape.
  11. If you buy the mflb buy sumore batteries online. That defiantly makes a difference in how high you get
  12. if you has tolerence.... vape will do you no good

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