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magic-flight launch box help :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nathan549, May 25, 2010.

  1. hey guys, just wanting to know a few things bout the LB. do u inhale slowly or quickly with it? im going to buy one soon and want to know how to do it the best so i dnt waste any bud :p. also can you use energizer batteries and the charger for it (or other brands) or is it strictly the batteries that come with it?

    whats the best way to grind up my bud without having a grinder?

    cheers - Nate
  2. its best to inhale slowly and as for batteries you need Rechargeable Batteries NiMh 2000 mHa or better so the regular ones wont work
  3. Let's see if I can help you out here.

    I've found that figuring out the best rate to inhale is as easy as looking through the plexiglass window. Attach the stem(included). Put some freshly ground bud in (half "trench" to start), and pop a fresh battery in. Wait about 5 seconds, and you should see some vapor or "fog" building up. Slowly draw through the stem and watch the vapor disappear as you draw through it. Draw too slow, and you'll see vapor start to build back up again. Draw too quickly, and you'll see your buds whipping around like they were in a tornado.

    Really, it's nothing that needs perfection, just close enough for you. I usually take 7 - 10 second draws, pulling out the battery after about 5 - 7 seconds. Gotta be careful, first time using mine, I actually ignited the herb by leaving the battery in a bit too long. Hasn't happened since.

    I picked up batteries and a charger from Wal-Mart. Just carefully peel off the label. Anything above 2000mah will likely do just fine, and most rechargeables are around 2300 - 2500. I would order a few extra battery holders or caps to cover up the ends of your "naked" batteries, they will end up touching each other and will loose their charge, or possibly short-circuit, which could be VERY bad. Just be careful when storing them. I usually leave the two fresh batteries in the case that comes with your MFLB, and spares at home on a shelf or in the charger.

    As far as grinding, you DO want to get some kind of grinder. The finer the grind, the better the result out of the MFLB. I've actually used one of those stone bowls to grind it even further(almost powder at that point), but after doing so, I really question how much I ground up the trichs and damaged the weed. Apparently not that much, since it still got me way ripped, and it "cooked" it really well when finely grounded.

    Hope this helps.
  4. thanks guys really good explanation on the inhaling. so you got to peel off the outside of the battery to fit it in the MFLB (if i got other rechargeable ones)? and with the grinding cause im strapped for cash ATM i was just thinking of cutting up the bud with scissors, can you cut it up fine enough for the MFLB or does it really need to be finely grounded. hahaha using those stone bowls :p
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    You inhale slowly, but not too slowly otherwise combustion might occur. MF recommends 2500mAH or higher, but the higher ratings don't seem to help: the batteries it comes with are the best for the vaporizer for some reason. So if you need replacements I'd order them from BlisSville or whatever.
    I use kitchen scissors to get my bud extra fine. Finer bud vaporizes better.

    Try looking at the magic flight website its full of information:

    EDIT: I prefer using kitchen scissors over a grinder. I chop up my bud until its almost a fine powder.
  6. thanks nanners for that :). didnt know it had all the info i need on there site. cheers
  7. The easiest way to find out how quickly/slowly to inhale is to actually use it. If the air is getting pretty hot, inhale quicker.

  8. No problem:).

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