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Magic Flight Lanuch Box.... Worth the money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iBLeeZy, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So I spent $115 on this mflb and it's nice how I can use it on the run and in my dorm with no problem, but the high is more like a slight buzz and it only lasts about 30 minutes. I'm feeling like it wasn't worth that much money, that's two eighths! Anybody else having problems with a bad high?:confused_2:
  2. imho... No! Can't really get a decent high no matter how much I try. It also seems to have inconsistent temp, sometimes too cool to vape even with full batt, other times takes just a few seconds and it's on fire!
  3. I have it and it's alright. It's good for what it is I guess. It can get me pretty stoned but I like smoking more :smoking:
  4. You guys just don't know how to properly use it

  5. How do you "properly" use it? lol
  6. Youtube it man, there are many MFLB how to vids out there. Try a forum search, maybe go to Maybe you need better batteries lke Powerex 2700 MAH's.

    Remember its a different high than smoking.
  7. I've been using mine as my main tool for quite some time. It does the job very well, trust me. I watched the guides on YouTube and I get baked every time.
  8. #9 Iluvatar, Mar 17, 2012
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    115 seems kinda pricey when you can get a generic box vape for the same price or even less

    But yeah OP, if you're new to vapes then you'll have to get used to the different high you get from them. The high tends to be "heady" but still lucid. It seems you don't get the body-load that comes from smoking
  9. Agree. How I use it, put the battery in wait a couple seconds and inhale slowly until my lungs are full. It does get me high but the high isn't as intense or long lasting as smoking. It's a great product, easy to use, portable. You get what you pay for.

  10. Just curious......

    Does the generic come with a lifetime warranty as well?
  11. I get your meaning and the answer is "no"
    I would still prefer a better vape
  12. ^^^^

    I wasn't meaning that the warranty is the selling point just wanted to know. I'm not a MFLB fanboy was just wondering.

    I really just use mine for stealth and still appreciate a good smoke as opposed to vape.
  13. Yeah I don't mean to put down the MFLB, I'm sure its a handy piece to have..
    I've just always been too conscious of my spending so I go for the best bang for the buck. I found a box whip style vape like 3 years ago and it has treated my right ever since..DigiVapor

    I've been hearing good things about the MFLB since they first came out. If you like it then its def the way to go, given a lifetime warranty..thats pretty awesome
  14. its basically just a travel vape or beginner vape if u want a good one your going tohave to shell out 200-500
  15. apparently it only works at its maximum if you have REALLLY ground up weed, more so than their grinders can provide and it has to be DRY. If that doesn't work than i dunno, maybe ur weed is just more indica than sativa cuz the heating temp might only work more towards cbds or thc. My 2 cents
  16. If you aren't getting completely high like you would on a joint or bowl, then you aren't hitting it correctly. I was doing it wrong for a long time but then I found out on the website on a youtube video how to do it. Just go look it up. I couldn't believe the difference.
  17. the bold is a very true statement
  18. Don't enjoy vaping much, so personally no.

    Remember always try out vaporizing before you buy one.

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