magic brownies

Discussion in 'General' started by ms.smokeymcpot, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. hey does neone have a good recepe for magic brownies i want to make them and ive been told so many different things can someone please help
  2. butter..........make butter dont burn it,cook it low temp for a good while.ya should get green butter. strain the crap outta the butter then substitute the butter for oil in the brownies and they taste alot better when theve cooled.
  3. cover them in chocolate. works everytime for me.
  4. arent brownies all chocolatey anyway?

    im not the first greedy monkey to eat cooked anything marijuana while its still hot. its wierd after it cools (and you make it right) cookies brownies dont taste anything but the goodies

    green chocolate chip cookies are awesome
    so's green peanut butter cookies
    green grilled cheese is another story
  5. mmm i want a fucking brownie!

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