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  1. what are your favorite magazines? or what are some good stoner magazines you read?
  2. Car magazines: Daily Driver, Road & Track, any muscle mag.

    And i'm sure someone on here is gonna of course post Hightimes.
  3. Alternative press music mag.
    Been reading that shit since I was in 8th grade.
  4. Frequency snowboard journal. Absolutely amazing photography and excellent articles!
  5. not so much stoner material, but i read rolling stone, canadian art, transworld snowboard, canadian architecture&design and occassionally i'll peruse xxl.
  6. The folks over at Blue Canvas have me hooked on their ARTicles. They have a pretty good spread of photos throughout their magazine so you get to see some nice prints of myriad artists' works.

    Their site: Bluecanvas: The Artist Network
  7. mother earth news
  8. Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, and for stoners I stick with Hightimes.
  9. I read GQ, Esquire, Cigar Aficionado, HOW Design, Comm. Arts, Grafik, Juxtapoz, and Guitar Player.

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