Discussion in 'General' started by gogo, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Last weekend when i was chatting w/guy he was talkin' about Grasscity has monthly culture magazine,
    pls more info about subscription details to Grasscity mag
  2. Grasscity magazine, here.

  3. Let me know when you want me to sign that for you?

  4. No...not so much.
  5. He might have been thinking of a monthly newsletter....
  6. ok im all up for the centerfold of the City Girlz! but i want on the not saying the first one......but like 6 or 7 mags down the road..."i just think theres peeps here that should be first"...back to the and all the city know somthing for the girls and the zonedude will pick up a copy
  7. ahh yes it was about monthly newsletter....
    so grasscity has own mounthly newsletter or vcd magazine ?

  8. Well, we did. Come to think of it I havn't got it in a long time?
  9. ummm there is a problem.. my centerfold pics are gone... what should i do!?! ..::looks round room::..

  10. I'll hook you up, shoota!!!! ;)

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