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  1. Soil: 1g w/ roots organic then transplanted into 5gal w/SS (Subcools)
    Nutrients: Dechlorinated tap water and basic compost tea (1once a week)

    Currently have a deficiency of some sort I cannot figure out. The bottom leaves are turning yellow from the outside in to eventually die. The top new growths veins are still dark but the outside are turning slightly pale to yellowish.

    Plants originally showed yellowing leaves in there 4th week of veg in 1gal pots. All plants are in Roots organic they have been feed nothing but dechlorinated tap water and a basic compost tea once a week.

    Top feed the plants 1tbs of dolomite lime and watered. Once the soil dried out I transplanted the plants into 5gal pots w/ super soil. 1/2 to 1/3 or bottom pot filled with SS and 2in buffer w/ SS and roots mix. Remaining pot filled with roots. I did a foliar spray the next day with Epsom salts 3/4 a tsp per gal.

    2-3 Days passed and I did an additional foliar spray of Epsom. I've been heating up some water prior before adding the epsom so it will dissolve in the water. I think I am having a mag deficiency but I'm not 100% I went to 2 grow shops today 1 told me they thought I had a iron def or a cal def, he didn't know he says he doesn't grow organic. 2nd grow shop I went to told me to add some cal mag 5-8ml per gal but I'm positive cal mag will kill my micro heard.

    Anyone know wtf is going on? 

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    Magnesium deficiency..didn't really read post just looked at pictures. If you don't have any cal-mag, dissolve 1tbsp epsom salt per gallon of water on your next watering.
    Edit: Just read you are doing organic..the epsom salts will work for you. Don't be afraid to sprinkle a little bit over the top of your soil alongside putting some in your water..your plants seem to need it. Good luck

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