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Made some RSO

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Enzo$&@123, Apr 21, 2023.

  1. I washed an unknown amount of scraps and at the end wound up with 2.65 gm oil. I then mixed equal amount of coconut oil and 20 % lecithin for a total of about 6.36 gm.
    How do I break it down to dose able sizes ? Like 10 or 20 mg thc doses.

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  2. 2.65g of 60% THC RSO is about 1600mg of THC, so if you use 10mg doses, the 6.36g batch of oil contains 160 doses, 6360mg/160 gives you mg of oil/dose, so ~40mg of oil will contain about 10mg of THC.

    THC content in RSO can vary quite a bit however, so this is at best an optimistic estimation. I'd warm it up and dose with a dropper to find your sweet spot, then fill capsules accordingly.
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  3. Thanks for your help.
    Is there something more basic you could use as an example. I’m old and really don’t understand much math. I couldn’t even find ~ or / on my key board. No idea what it means.

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  4. ~ just means roughly or about. / in this case means divided by. Weight of RSO x potency percentage = total THC, so if you had 1 gram of 60% RSO it'd be 1 x 0.60 = 0.60 grams, multiply that by 1000 (move the decimal point three digits to the right) to get total THC in milligrams, or 600mg.

    Now lets say you added the 1g of RSO to 3 grams of coconut oil. That's 4 grams of infused oil with a total of 600mg THC. To get the amount of doses, divide the total THC by the dosage you want. If we go with 20mg doses thats 600mg divided by 20mg, which equals 30 doses total.

    30 doses out of 4 grams or 4000mg of oil, so to get mg of oil per dose, divide the total weight of the oil by the number of doses you have. 4000mg ÷ 30 doses = 133.34mg of infused oil per 20mg dose.

    Total THC = weight of RSO x potency percentage
    Total doses = Total THC ÷ preferred dosage
    Infused oil per dose = Total oil weight ÷ Total doses

    Make sense?
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  5. I can do that


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  6. On a digital scale where does mg sit.
    .10 , .01 or .001

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  7. 0.001
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