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made some hash oil "Acetone"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ithofbubbles, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. so i had like a fat quarter of sugar leaves that i made some oil? from for the first time of my life by putting them in a glass jar with enough acetone to saturate them swooshed it around and wutnot for 10-15 mins strained it with a window screen onto a plate and let it dry for like an hour outside "repeated twice"

    it evaparated fast i smoked it on a bowl and it got me high as fuck but now im out i still have like an oz of fan leaves so my question is can i make some more with these and still get decent product? also am curious to will it work as good if i try this with some shwag later down the road compared to frosty sugar leaves?
  2. where did you hear to use acetone? that stuff is super deadly and I'm pretty sure it doesn't evaporate clean. but yes hash oil with buds will work out quite nicely for you. I would advise for your own safety though that you use isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol) and not acetone(nail polish remover) next time
  3. pple have recently been trying acetone, it actually evaporates more than alcohal and is cleaner therefore and no u dont use nail polish thats not pure u have to buy this stuff in a can at home depot 100% also pple say the end product is better mine was great, just do some googlin about it
  4. I did some research up on it. Sounds like you'll be fine sefatywise as long as you've got pure Enjoy that Hash. I might give this method a try on my trim after the harvest

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